View Full Version : Air leaking through barrel (noob question)

11-25-2006, 03:24 PM
Ok, I was about to go paintballing today but then when I put the N2 tank on my gun I heard the air leaking out from my barrel. I decided to try playing anyways to see if maybe it would still work. I cocked my gun, the air then stopped leaking, I took a shot..... and "WOW," the paintball must have gone about 20 feet before it just fell to the ground. Also I needed to recock my gun after every pathetic 20 foot shot. Each time, when the gun wasn't cocked, the air would leak again.

I was using a spyder electra with ACS by the way.
Possible problems: I lost the screw that goes into the velocity adjuster
Also, I may not have oiled the o-rings recently enough (6 days since last oiling of o-rings)

So anyways.... I'm sure this is something that has happened to other people before so please tell me what the problem is with my gun. Thanks in advance...

11-25-2006, 03:43 PM
Well, the air leaking out of the barrel is probably the cup seal. Repeated firing might help it seal up...and the marker is still usable with that leak as long as you keep it cocked when the air is attached. The 20 ft shots are probaly caused by the velosity adjuster 'screw'. Without it, the marker is at the lowest fps it is capable of. You have to find or replace that adjuster screw before you can play with the marker. Good luck to you and Welcome to the KUSA/SOC Forum!!! :)