View Full Version : Random ICD and Cocker Parts F/S/T

11-22-2006, 05:51 PM
Ok well I was just making a list of all the extra parts I have lying around and figured I should post them up since I don't need them.

So Here ya go:

1) Custom ICD B2K3.5
No-Rise Feedneck
BoneBrake Bolt
Palmer's MicroRock LPR
Shocktech Drop

2) 12" Blue CP 1 piece (cocker threaded) - I'll make it black if you want. - $25

3) 14" Black CP 1 piece (ICD threaded)- $20

4) 14" Black SP Teardrop (ICD threaded)- $20

5) Stock Bonebrake HPR (black and acid washed)- $13

6) Stock ICD valve- $8

7) 2k-2k2 trigger frame (black)-$15

8) Angel Grips for a T2 Trigger Frame- $10

9) Stock ICD barrel (B2K4)- cocker thread- $10

10) Stock ICD barrel (B2K2)- ICD thread- $10

Ok all prices include shipping and I'll try and take one big pic tonight. But since I'm not gonna be home until Midnight the pic is gonna suck. (just warning you). :D

Oh and all prices include shipping

I'm interested in anything Angel, ICD, or spyder related.

Thanks for looking.