View Full Version : Anybody have an opinion on the Evil Omen 2.0

11-17-2006, 07:38 PM
I've been looking at stepping up to a higher level marker (mid-level marker) and the Evil Omen 2.0 seems to be pretty impressive. I've read all the tech data I can find and PBreview inputs, however none of the local shops carry them and nobody I play with knows anything about them. What I am really curious about is how well the cam driven loading works and what its operating pressure is. Anybody out there in the know have anything?

11-17-2006, 08:28 PM
two words:

don't bother

go for a promaster or ion or something along those lines. the omen is just a closed bolt blowback, and since closed bolt has no real advantages, you're better off saving your money and keeping your spyder.

11-18-2006, 01:26 PM
I really hate to start this war of words, BUT......
My son and I had/still have (me) Pilot ACSs. We both went to IONs after 1 year with the Pilots. Best move I ever made. I wasted mucho $$ going LP on both Pilots and I wish I had all that money back so I could have gotten a Halo instead of an Egg and a Freak in stead of a J&J S2. My son on the other hand will be getting a Halo for Xmas and he bought an All American Back w/ a Freak front.

If you're going to get any marker make sure parts/upgrades are readily available. I looked at the Omen's but the aftermarket support didn't seem to be there.

11-23-2006, 04:02 PM
first of all i have an omen, so nothing i say is here say . the omen out of the box desnt need anything aftermarket . the cam arm system is awesome, never chops....and i do mean never . it is a blowback sort of . the warranty from evil is in a league all its own . they are great at pmi . the omen is a great gun . i also have an ion . i love it as well . i had to spend some money on it to get it as efficient and consistant as my omen though . most guns in this category you'd have to spend some money on to cure different issues . the omen is one of those rare guns that comes loaded out of the box . i get like 1700 shots per 68/4500 fill with a stock omen ......no joke . i had to spend some cash on my ion to get that . people say dont bother .....or that they know someone ....who knows someone that had problems with their omen .......hog wash .....the omen rocks . very good gun .

the accuracy on the omen is remarkable as well, you'll be hard pressed to find a gun with better accuracy . as far as accuracy goes, id put the omen up against any gun out .......they are accurate like 'cockers, well for good reason....look at the design ....