View Full Version : Please tell me this doesn't make sense

11-09-2006, 11:12 AM
Ok, so, i've had a few troubles tuning my rocket valve, so i decided to just use my old stock valve. the pin was lost and the pin my friend had was so marred that it wouldn't even fire. so, i tore apart an old rebel and took it's valve pin (which is slightly larger and has a cupseal integrated into the guide star thingy) then i go on to put in the soft black main and valve spring, air it up, turn my torp up to 600 and fire, and the dreaded problem i've had with my qloader turns up. after thinking for a while, i decided maybe it's my aka lightning bolt, so i put in my acs bolt, cock it, and it fires great. ok, no suprise. but i wanted to know what happens if i lowered the pressure. so, i start lowering it, at 500, it fires, at 450, fires (still good, dunno the fps, i'll check friday) hmm no burping? 400, fires, 350, fires at 300psi not only does it still recock, it fires. and it fires really damn well. it starts burping at 250. but here's teh question. WHY???? it's an unmodified stock valve, a stock rebel valve pin, a stock striker, soft springs, an acs bolt, and a bl torp reg. and a drilled va, yet it fires great at 300psi. i ran out of co2 testing it, but i know, even though my gauge isn't the prettiest, it is accurate.
BTW this is the pin i'm using