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11-08-2006, 01:17 PM
Does anybody have this stock, Trinity Rear Volicity Adjuster Stock, and got it to work correctly without drastically lowering your volicity.....let me know thanks.

BTW im using a Spyder Electra 06' with Eyes

11-23-2006, 06:49 PM
Yes, I have the CAR stock on my '06 electra.

Its quite a good stock the best u can get for a spyder really, but some mods are needed to make it fully functional.

Making the vlocity adjuster.

1) You must goto the hardware store and buy a 1.0 x 6mp allen wrench screw that is at least 2x as long as the useless screw included. This will replace the current screw.

Measure in a midpoint on the screw that you wish to set the velocity as minimum and fasten a nut there using some superglue.

Note: You will need disassemble the stock and screw the new allen into place before hand, dont forget to transfer over the tiny o-ring. Screw it in then twist on the nut, fasten it in place, and allow ample time to dry 1+ hour. You should place the dlue on the leading thread end of the screw and let it slowly be pulled down by gravity until it reaches the nut. This will remove the treads on the end that makes contact with the spring (for better giuding) and fasten the nut permanently.

It is important to have measured you distances beforehand.

This way as the screw it tightened the nut will place the spring at v_max and as it is loosened it will goto v_min. Know a proper setting before you glue. If u cannot chrono, just measure your stock velocity adjusters distance from stopper (nut) to the end of the hollow inserting peice at your desired v_min as they are the same length. Then allow for the + v you need and mark the nut placement.


hollow stock peice
screw |
|]>>>>>()>>>>>> <--- glue as peice is vert
_____| nut

Stabalizing the stock.

2) The last fix is to stabalize the stock 100% and can be done with laminating tape. You must evenly wrap the peice with the cutout pushpin (that inserts into the gun back) 1.5 full rotations. Make sure you do so without air bubbles and then just cut down the middle where the screw goes and finger the tape down.

If you have done this correctly, you will have made the velocity adjuster that it is customized to your preferences and set the stock into the gun. It should fit snuggly and not shift. The setting i prefer for fit and accuracy is closest notch.

There maybe a better way but, u cannot get into the area to work easily, which is why gluing seems to be the only option. When i got the stock i was a bit dissapointed to say the least since the adjuster was essentially fake and the fitting not fully flush for a stable lock. Needless to say I fixed the problems the same day just by taking it apart and looking at it, so it shouldn't be too hard.

Cost to fix about $5.

good luck, if you choose to buy, its the best you can do and the car stock looks wicked. Just needs some tinkering with.

If you purchase it send me a PM and ill get some pics of the finished product with details.

01-11-2007, 08:04 PM
thank you for the informative post.... wow you did a great job explaining i will try it as soon as i can thank you again!