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Shocker s/f
11-02-2006, 12:48 PM
I've been collecting more like hording parts for a while and it's time to clean house.

I will buy/trade all of the parts. If You have money then you can buy them. If you have something I want, we can trade.

Lets Make a Deal. All Prices are not set in stone and parts will be shipped Ups or Usps. There is no Flat rate shipping, what it cost is what it cost. We can work that out.

Old School Shocker Gadget Grip w/Barrel plug and stud (Like New). $20
Old School Max Flow Mini Rail (used but not abused) $6
Shoe Box Shocker Aluminum Bolt Stock (Used but in good shape) $12
SOLD03 Shocker Stock bolt kit w/1 piece Black can (never used) $20 Sold To mr.cocalino
SOLD03 Shocker Vert Max Flow (2 Screw style ) Rebuilt and works great $30Sold To mr.cocalino
SOLD03 Shocker Dark Shocker Black Bolt Guide (never used) $15 Sold To mr.cocalino
SOLD03 Shocker HE Red Bolt Guide (used but in good shape) $15 Sold To mr.cocalino
03 Shocker Dark Shocker Black Trigger w/Magnet (Great Shape $20
03 Shocker / Nerve Nasty X Dust Silver Trigger w/Magnet (Never used) $25
SOLD03 Shocker manifold Stock ( will give to first person that buys any 03 part) Sold To mr.cocalino

Wgp NightKast Matte Blue vert Asa (Great shape) $10
Wgp NightKast Matte Blue Back Block (Some ware over all good condition) $10
SOLDWgp Sto Complete Valve kit (Valve, Valve Nut,Hammer, Springs and Ivg) $15sold to SnowZone
Wgp Sto bolt w/pin (never used) $10
Wgp Stp Lpr w/barb (used but in good shape) $12
SOLDWgp Stp Ram w/barb (used but in good shape)$8 Sold to lasrsktr
Misc Cocker Hose Blue, Clear and light blue (roughly 10ft total) All $8
SOLDEvolution X Valve Removal tool Blue to clear fade (never Used) $15
CCM Ram (Need barbs but works great) $15
Air America Vigalanti Reg ( needs to be rebuilt) $15
SOLDJackal Machine Savage Valve Kit ( Savage Valve, Valve nut, High Speed Hammer, Springs and Ivg) $30sold to SnowZone
SOLDChrome Gas throght grip and Stainless Steal Ball detent ( will give to the first person that buys any cocker part)sold to SnowZone

RARESpyder Special Edition Camo Annoed Body Kit (Includes, Power Feed Body, Matching Barrel, Bottom line, Barrel Shroud, Expansion Chamber, Sight Rail, RVA, VA plug, Stock Bolt , Stock Fatty Hammer, Stock Valve Pin, TL Beaver Tail Sight Rail, TL Striker Cover)$30

Aftermarket Spyder Bolt Rear Cocking Chrome (used good condition) $10
2 Spyder TL bolts Rear Cocking Black and Silver(used fair condition) $10 each
SOLDRAREAKA rear cocking Bolt kit w/ Nylatrean Bolt and AKA Striker Cover (used great condition) $20
RARE Taso Va W/Lpc (like new) $15
SOLDCP 15 degree VA w/ Spike Lpc (used good condition) $20
SOLDMaginum Ap Striker ( Never Used fair condition) $10
Blue RVA and Silver Va w/ steel Line ( will give to the first person that buys any Spyder part)

Super RareImperial Paintball rear cocking white Delrin UnderTow bolt

Like New Rear cocking Black Dragun body w/ Cocker style detent,Barrel,Rva and quick strip pin $15
Blue to Black Powder Coated Advent Body rear cockeing w/ cp clamping neck $15

SOLDCCI Phantom Standard pump handle black $10 sold to Piranti
SOLDCCI Right Feed Body black (Great Condition) $15
SOLDCCI Black Back Bottle Valve Body w/ Sight rail (Great Condition) $15
CCI Green Acid back Bottle Valve Body (Great Condition) $15
SOLDCCI SC Cap w/ball Gate (used but good condition) $5sold to SnowZone
CCI M16/Lonestar Grips w/mounting bolt $10 Each 1 sold WingMan13
SOLDCCI Bottom line Asa w/ Gass Through Adjustable stock $20sold to SnowZone[/s]
SOLDCCI Detent Kit (Complete, Like New ) $10 sold to Piranti
SOLDCCI Micro line kit ( will give to the first person that buys any CCI part)sold to SnowZone

SOLDCCI Stock 14" Barrel (never used like new) $20 sold to Piranti
J&J Ceramic Barrel 13.75" (used but in Great Condition) $25

Custom Made ( By luke on Automag.org) Chrome w/black rubber inserts (never used like new) $20
SOLDHybrid Ladyz Grips (used but in great Condition)$10
Hodge Wrap Around 45 grips (like new) $8
Hodge 45 Scales (never used like new $10
Rest of the grips i will give away with parts purchesed above

18 Volt old school revy motor, battery board and eyes (Like new) $10
3 Halo Battery packs (like new) $8 each
Blue Benchmark off set on/off (used in fair condition) $10
Shocker threaded All American w/ White wolf Tip ( will not seperate in like new condition) $20
Evil Drop,
SOLDlong Drop
No name rail

Trades: IM looking for the following
Angel Tool kit
Black CCI Vert Bottle kit

I accept Pay-Pal or Money Order.
All sales are final
Questions feel free to ask
Thanks for looking...

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11-21-2006, 05:29 AM
Interested in any of the rear cocking spyder bolts that you have, as well as the blue velocity adjuster.


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12-15-2006, 08:48 AM
interested in


Blue RVA and Silver Va w/ steel Line ( will give to the first person that buys any Spyder part)

pm me

Shocker s/f
02-21-2007, 12:05 PM
interested in


Blue RVA and Silver Va w/ steel Line ( will give to the first person that buys any Spyder part)

pm me

already gone up

04-06-2007, 07:37 AM
Willing to split up the camo parts? I'm looking for a cheap RVA and expansion chamber.

04-06-2007, 04:29 PM
CCI M16/Lonestar Grips w/mounting bolt $10 Each 1 sold WingMan13

PMing you