View Full Version : Battery Problem

11-01-2006, 08:13 PM
Hey. Had a Spyder Imagine LED for about a year and a half now, always loved the accuracy (once I got a decent SmartParts 14" Teardrop instead of the stock) and never had a problem... Until recently.

It's been jamming, and after fiddling for a while, found the problem. The problem is the 'Sear', which isn't coming down when I pull the trigger, which means the bolt doesn't go forward. If I take pressure off of the sear, by holding the bolt back, the trigger fires just fine, but any pressure at all on it and no workie. When I got on the forums, I noticed alot of people having problems with 9v batteries, and realized I had been using one... And the Low Battery light had been on.

The 9.6v I had with it was overcharged, also according to forum consensus, since I left it plugged in for a whole day. So, I'm wondering if that could be the problem, that all I'd need would be a 9.6v battery. Think this is an accurate diagnosis?

If so, any reccommendations on where to get a 9.6v battery? (Oh, and any opinions on what to change from a stock Spyder Imagine LED, besides the barrel, since I've changed it and found the right mix of accuracy, maneuverability, and rate of fire for me. Nitrous is not an option.)

11-02-2006, 04:26 AM
I would say the battery is most definitely your problem. Any 9.6v rechargeable should work fine.