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10-29-2006, 05:34 AM
Well, I attended the Battle of Berlin yesterday at Skirmish. www.skirmish.com (http://www.skirmish.com)

I was a guest member to Team PenDragon and I must say, I had a freaking blast! This is my first engagement with them and I have to say...these guys are awesome! I want to thank them for putting up with me for the day and yes...I entered the field blasting bagpipe music from my Aztec...muhahahahaha!!

First off...it poured like a cow pissing on a flat rock until an game start. This fact alone kept my Ion out of play and I took the M98 out. The only mods I did to it were the vertical gas-through (front grip) and a 14" Progressive barrel. Being that I don't have a renegade pouch big enough to hold the 114/45, I had to mount the tank vertically on the marker. It was heavy but it wasn't too bad. I shot about 1/3 case when I started having problems. Having about 1000 psi left in the tank, I went to refill and it wouldn't take air. Went to the tech area and discovered that the fill nipple needed replacement. Did that and got it filled. Rigged it back to the marker and went through another bag of paint...then it started burping like there was no air. The gauge read just under 4000 psi. Crap. Came back out and traded out my M98 with my Traccer. Aired that up and began playing again. I mounted a gravity hopper on the pump and went to town. Muhahahahaha...It's been a while since I played pump and with all the A5's and other specialty/MilSim markers running amok, it was a welcomed challenge. After 3 hoppers, the Traccer started acting up...shots dropping after 30-50 feet. I was like "WTF?!?" Back to the Tech area I went. We couldn't dismount the tank from the marker so I left it with them and picked up a rental to play the rest of the day. After a few hours of defending Tippman Castle, went back to see what was up with the Traccer. The tech I went to needed help. It turns out that the problem was not my markers...but my tank's reg. It is a HP reg and is supposed to max at 850/900 psi. Skirmish Tech "Ian" discovered that it was overpressurizing and he metered it at 1300 psi output. Holy crap! Ian tried to get the tank off the Traccer and snapped off the front of my grip frame in the process. He replaced my frame and gave the Traccer a total refit with new internal parts...awesome dude! Now she's running at 275 without ANY issues on a tank without reg problems.

Well, now the tank's unusable until I replace the reg/valve and I will get a Guerilla Ambush for it. In the mean-time, I have CO2 for the traccer and M98 (refuse to use CO2 in my Ion) and will use them in up-coming events.
Overall, it was an awesome day but I forgor how heavy my boots get when they are filled with water -.- .

We left the game around 1700 hours, never finding out who won the game but that doesn't really matter to me...I had a frikkin blast!

Many thanks to Team PenDragon for letting me ride with them and a SPECIAL thank you to Ian of Skirmish for keeping me in the game!

Out. druid.