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10-25-2006, 05:48 AM
This might help a few of you,
I was having problems with my gun on the highest rate of fire. It would default back to single shot after a few pulls on the trigger. I changed the capacitor and had the engineers at work check out the board, no damage. Called tech support and they told me it was due to lack of power, interesting because I had fully charged my battery. That, as it turned out, was the problem. When a nickle metal halide (Hydride?) battery is over charged, it actually loses its ability to hold a charge. My habit of charging up the night before a game had killed my batt. Turns out you shouldnt charge for longer than 8 hours at most, 6 recomended. Would have been nice to put that somewhere in the manual. So if your charging for days at a time like me, you will eventualy kill your power source. Instead of charging over night, I'll plug up before work and unplug after. Hope this will prevent some problems for you, but a replacement batt is cheap if yours is already dead. Good luck out there, and keep those heads down! :cool: