View Full Version : battle of bastogne (new york)

10-14-2006, 07:07 AM
High energy paintball in Amsterdam New York is holding a senario game on November 26th start time is 8am ending time will be 6pm door prizes and 50/50 raffles also . pre reg is $15 by november 20th after that its $30 field paint only.if you pre reg you get to choose a job for durring the game like spy , intell ops , demolition , ect.. after that sides and jobs will be set for you day of event.paint will be starting price of$50 , $60 , $70 per case there is a place for food and restrooms there as well very large and well done field . lots of good play will be happening there if any one wants more info pm me here or go to highenergypaintball.com and look for nexus he is the owner.