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10-09-2006, 10:48 PM
Parts for sale

I was going through my box and came across some parts im not useing and thought i might as well post them up and see if anyone out their might have any use for them.


I ship once i recieve payment, unless its a trade, then i will ship first if you have good feedback.
I can accept moneyorders (sry i dont have a paypall account).
You must cover shipping.
If interested post here, and pm me.
All items are sold as is.



1. Spyder threaded barrel (clear anno) - $5
It's either off of a GameFace bone daddy, or a JT Excellerator 3.0. Im not really sure. I
purchased the marker used and this is the barrel it came with. props to vwjimmy for
pointing that out to me
2. Stock spyder e99 barrel (black anno) - $5
3. Stock spyder e99 feedneck - $1
4. Spyder barrel plug - 50 Cents!
5. Expansion chamber. - $10 - negotiable.
some notes on the expansion chamber:
Im not sure on the brand, Its old and it came on my spyder e99 wich i purchased used. The
Thing is MASSIVE, ive gotten comments on its size. Keep that in mind if you think you
are interested. Also, its used, Its been visibly beaten on and one of the screws wich hold the
outer caseing over the internals are stripped so you cant really open it up.
6. If ur intersted in that other thing, let me know... I know what it is, just not what its called, plus i kinda figured no one would be THAT intersted in one. If u want it pm me with an offer.

7.Modded Rear cocking Spyder e99 bolt, Polished, Ventury removed - $10
It could probably use another polishing, I wouldnt mind doing it before i send it out for whoever decides to buy it.
8.Stock Spyder e99 ASA - $5
Another visibly used part. No damage, just some scratches in the anno were the screws go in.
9. Stock spyder victor end cap - $5
10. Standard asa - $5
Not sure what gun this is off of, Please note that this will not fit a spyder marker without an adapter.

tank not included
tank not included
tank not included
11. 4+1 Harness - $20
Made by aci sports. Dont really have any information on it, i recieved it from a buddy of mine a while ago. its in good condition No tears or ripped seams. Carries four pods and one tank.
Tank and pods NOT included.

java hopper and feedneck adapter - $4
Not much to say, its a hopper.

12 oz pure energy co2 tank $5
great condition, never really used it that much since i got a 20 oz shortly afterwords. Im pretty sure the rehydro date is 03 2009, the date has faded to a point were its hard to see.

20 oz pure energy co2 tank and tank cover -$8
It has some scratches and signs of definate use. Rehydro is 03 2008. pm me if your interested I want to take some more pictures so you can see the scratches and what not.

Thanks for checking out my thread, i hope you found something your intereested in. Again, just leave a message here and pm me if your interested in anything.

:edit: Edited the information on the chrome barrel. Thanks to vwjimmy for pointing out my mistake. :)

10-11-2006, 07:49 PM
Up. Everything still up for sale... Offer up, ill consider anything.