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09-29-2006, 06:39 PM
How do you polish internals? what does it do to the gun also?

09-30-2006, 01:37 AM

09-30-2006, 02:16 AM
This is the way I do it - takes about 30 minutes TOPS for the whole process. I'll get pictures later when my family is awake to make it more clear for you.

You will need:

* internals - striker and bolt (duh!)
* sandpaper - I use 600 grit and 800 grit for this
* electric screwdriver
* something that will fit into the screwdriver AND the end of the bolt and striker. I used a wooden dowel rod.
* dremel
* polishing bit
* Polish - I use Mother's Mag Aluminum polish
* soft cloth

1. Remove the internals from your gun.

2. Remove any o rings on the internals.

3. Attach the striker to an electric screwdriver (if you have one - makes it a lot easier and goes a LOT faster!)

4. Cut a strip of 600 grit sandpaper and wrap it around the striker.

5. Turn on the screwdriver and as the striker is spinning, apply pressure to the sandpaper. Do this up and down the striker until it is shiny and smooth. NOTE * You only have to do the part of the striker that will touch the body of the gun - you don't have to do the angled part. It also helps if you are watching television - I watched PB2X while I did mine - was finished with the entire thing by the end of the show.

6. Cut a strip of 800/1000 grit sandpaper. Repeat procedure until striker is shiny.

7. Remove striker from electric screwdriver.

8. Coat the striker in aluminum polish - I use Mother's Mag polish.

9. Using the dremel and a polishing bit, buff the striker until it's mirror shiny.

10. Repeat the procedure with the bolt.