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09-21-2006, 04:54 AM
I took pics to sell items but find that my files are way to large to post as attachements. what is the best way/software to resized these to fit and to post them on this site so i dont have to email out the pics files.

09-21-2006, 05:08 AM
moved for you.

and the best way to put pic on a web based forum is to "host them"

you go to www.photobucket.com or the like and you create an account, then you upload your photos to their site and copy the URL of the photo, then you click on the little picture of a mountain in the reply box here and paste the url into it, I would make a full run through with pics for you but I have a meeting in 5 minutes. If you can wait until later I would hook you up.

09-21-2006, 07:19 AM
thanks for the link red. I should have no problem running through it myself, it cant be any harder than what im currently having to do.

09-21-2006, 07:36 AM
Start at www.photobucket.com and follow 1-4
1. http://i109.photobucket.com/albums/n63/theredbarron06/walkthrough1.png



Go back to the forums and...

09-21-2006, 07:45 AM
Tough luck... I spent the time to do it Im going to post it :p

09-21-2006, 07:47 AM
Matt...when are you gonna send the folder entitled "The Family" to me?

09-21-2006, 07:47 AM
umm never.

09-21-2006, 01:39 PM
I personally like www.imageshack.us better. It isnt so picky with pictures and sizes. Image shack also makes it so you can post them in a link with a thumbnail, and on the site you can choose what size to have it resized to.

09-21-2006, 03:05 PM
Photobucket works the best for me. Imageshack went down too many times, then it lost pictures from time to time....

09-21-2006, 03:39 PM
Imageshack doesn't work for me. Photobucket FTW

Edit: Matt, IM me, negro.

09-21-2006, 04:27 PM
Imageshack has also never quiet worked for me I love photobucket

09-21-2006, 04:43 PM
This is by far the best software for up or down sizing pic files. http://www.fookes.com/ezthumbs/ It not only gives you sizing abilities but many more enhancements as well. Best part is it's free....a free fookes per se lol - :D