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09-18-2006, 12:06 PM
guyz im am a new 2 paintball and only 13 yrz old so i would like to get 2 no all da info on a spyder electra acs bcuz i got 1 for my b-day last week :)

Hob Hayward
09-18-2006, 12:18 PM
Hey, welcome.

Go to www.ottersccustoms.com to find out just about everything there is to know about spyders.

In the future try an speel normally, its alot easier to read, and people will be more inclined to help you. I'm only 16, lots of people here aren't old at all.

09-18-2006, 12:32 PM
Thats cool and thanks man

09-18-2006, 12:35 PM
Hello, and welcome to our humble home.

Now to anwer your question as Hob said, spelling words the normal way makes it alot easier for us to understand ;).

Also the Spyder Electra ACS is an electronic sear tripping marker. this means that upon pressing the trigger a button is also pressed, which in turn actuates a solenoid that trips the sear. the sear is what is holding your striker (hammer) in place, this then shoots forward inside your gun and presses a pin that allows air or co2 into your marker, this air pushes the striker back to where it was and also goes up and through your bolt to propel the ball out of the marker. that is the basic rundown of how your gun works.

The ACS bolt requires some "Breaking in" to do this it is suggested that you take a field squeegee and place it in the "breech" of your marker (down the feedneck is fine) after you have placed it in there, it is suggested that you "dryfire" about 100 times or so until the springs inside of the bolt are broken in.

Once broken in properly your ACS bolt will help keep paintballs from "chopping" or breaking inside of your marker.

A few suggested upgrades (in order) are...

1. Regulator
2. barrel
3. Hopper (electronic such as the EvolutionII)
4. feedneck
5. Trigger
6. Spring kit
6.ASA-Air Source Adapter (really should be purchased with the regulator but can be put off)
7. Board such as T board
7. HPA (or High Pressure Air)
7. striker
7. etc...

the 7's are suggested once you get into paintball pretty hardcore, they are the ones you an hold off on.

I hope some of this helped.

09-18-2006, 12:41 PM
thanks this helped me alot but i only got 1 question do it matter what kind of squeege i use????????????

09-18-2006, 12:47 PM
Just somthing soft enough to not hurt anything. Some people just shove a rag down there and pack it in pretty tight.

09-18-2006, 12:52 PM
thanks really help man i try breaking it in in a little bit, and another question can you fill me in on the nitro system or compressed air whatever you call it cause i really dont get it

09-18-2006, 12:54 PM
Use the search feature on these forums, you will find a ton of threads about it, I am pretty sure Otter has an article on that site that Hob gave to you, if you still have questions PM me, or add me to your AIM list.

Theredbarron006 is my AIM name.

09-18-2006, 01:04 PM
hey , welcome to the forums. I also have an electra acs , i also suggest breaking in the acs bolt first , i did this by taking the bolt out and just compressing that spring (the one in the bolt) for a couple days with a soda can bottle cap. I suggest practicing taking the marker apart and puting it back together so you can learn about the internals and upgrades you can get for it.

Speaking of upgrades i HIGHLY suggest you to get an electric hopper (haloB or evollution2) and a HPA tank first because they are the ones lets you marker work to its potential. The electra is really fast so you NEED an electric hopper. I also suggest you to get a new barrel because the one that it comes with isnt that great and only 12'' , i suggest a freak jr kit and if you dont have the money a jj ceramic 14'' barrel they are cheap and from what i have heard awesome.

Well thats my 2 cents , feel free to ask questions if you need help

09-18-2006, 01:13 PM
what is a hpa tank and all that stuff about compressed air because everyone says it is alot better than co2 and i might buy 1 but before i do i wanna kno some stuff about it like what psi is and all that

09-18-2006, 01:25 PM
http://www.ottersccustoms.com/air.html this will explain it much better then i could ever. browse through that site it will answer most of you questions.

btw HPA tank and Nitro tank are just different ways of saying compressed air tank its pretty much all the same.

09-18-2006, 01:30 PM
i get it now thanx alot