View Full Version : matching paintball diameter to barrel?

09-12-2006, 06:55 PM
Through trial and error I think I have found the best pb's for my J&J ceramic (RPS premium silver/blue). I've tried numerous different types (Midevil, Allstar, Scorch, Formula 13). I mic'd my barrel (.685) and the balls (.680) and this to me seems acceptable. Educated responses only please since I am not looking for recommendations from everybody about their prefered paintball, I want to know the science behind matching the paintball to the barrel. Thnx

09-12-2006, 07:10 PM
Well, paint size varies due to factors like tempature and humidity....
Todays match is tomarrows mis-match....
That is what makes barrel kits like the Freak so popular..you literally have to size the paint you are using at the field right before you use it! Better paints are less varible but still swell/shrink.....
So the only real science is to, in the words of an Eagle Scout, "Be Prepared"...
Without a multi-backed barrel kit, at least bring a tight barrel like your J&J and something more like .691
Hope this helps! :)

09-12-2006, 07:51 PM
thanks vw...that confirms what I was thinking

09-12-2006, 11:55 PM
Most all RPS paints are for medium bores. Prems, Marbs and Evil are always a good choice for the J&J. Another thing, since the J&J's are ceramic coated at times the barrels vary in size. Mine was extremely large when I got it and arranged to send it back to J&J. They reglazed and rebored it to whatever bore size I wanted which was .689 -

Just to add, every time I looked at Midevil it was junk. It doesn't deserve the name Evil on it -