View Full Version : Primal velocity issues and gas consumption

09-12-2006, 10:15 AM
I am new to Primals so these might be trivial problems for some of the more experienced owners. my problems are as follows

velocity seems to not want to go above 260fps. i have taken apart marker and replaced all seals on the bolt and ram. I found a bad o-ring on the bolt, but replacing this did not help. I checked the LPR, it was at 100 psi. My tank was freshly filled as well. there are no audible leaks out the barrel so i beleive the valve seal is still functioning. if i adjust my HPR there seems to be a point around 300-350psi where the velocity reaches its maximum. if i raise or lower the HPR the velocity falls off into the 180-220 range. I have also removed the venturi.
on a 48ci/3000psi tank i am only able to get 100 shots at 260fps. and the tank is at just under 1000psi. perhaps this problem is related to the first.

09-12-2006, 02:03 PM
Ok well... kingman was not thinking when they picked the Noid they used and when they made the Primal LPR.....

Kingman says to keep your LPR at around 100 PSI.... Well ive found that that is a horrible idea... Although it will void your warrenty adjust your LPR to 120PSI and then polish your Ram....

After polishing and relubing the ram then asjust your HPR to 220 PSI and you should be hitting around 280FPS....

If that does not work then Hit me up on AIM thechubbss12 .... Also i offer teching services for Primals and can polish the ram for a small fee....

09-13-2006, 05:15 AM
sounds good. i already polished the ram so i will try out the increased pressure on the lpr.

i talked to a kingman tech and they said they would fix it for free, so i might just go that route as well.