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09-11-2006, 01:20 PM
3-Man Young Guns at RUSH (http://rushpaintball.com)

Here's a few of our games. I'll point out now that I have on red JT pants, and Kyle (metromuppetmower) is in all black JTs. Our 3rd guy (Eric) in gray JTs is not on KUSA.

We took 1st, walked home with some cash.

Game 1 (http://media.putfile.com/G1-19)
This would have been over in 1/2 the time, if we weren't playing hide and go seek with their last guy in the snake. For other teams like the ones we played that think a snake is useful in 3 man, guess what happens when we knock out your 2 back guys in 20 seconds :dodgy:. You'll see Eric end this one, giving about 7 to the guys dome, listen for rebound lol.

Game 2 (http://media.putfile.com/G2-83) *notice the agg-as-hell superstar on camera side
Mowed, nuff said.

Game 3 (http://media.putfile.com/g3-23)
Once again, my nub camerman stands in a lane :dodgy:. Same deal on the snake with this guy, except this time he trades out with Kyle, while Eric and I simultaneously chop his head off from opposite sides *ouch*.

Game 4 (http://softearmods.com/RUSH_9-10-06/G4.mov)
Last game of the day, we played very defensive to guarantee our win, and my nub cameraman gets shot. I kill the Aztec, so there last guy is in the dorito. I expected him to run through but I had to reload, so I wrapped around towards his dorito, but he had already ran past mine. Then we pulled one of those Taylor-Kyle combos and shot him in the side/back.

I'll probably throw together a 60 second highlight reel from these and other clips within this next week. We played 6 games, but our cameraman was a nub and these were the only full games.

I pulled some stills from the video, so kinda low res:

09-11-2006, 01:25 PM
tell your bud flashing gang signs that that isnt cool to do in pictures anymore. ill get to watching the vids soon.

09-11-2006, 01:27 PM
cant watch the vids due to quicktime, but the hustlin sticker is amazing

09-11-2006, 01:31 PM
4th vid is giving me ****

09-11-2006, 02:23 PM
Sweet videos. :thumbup:

09-11-2006, 02:25 PM
phunkmonkey13: http://www.spyder.tv/forums/showthread.php?t=6090
phunkmonkey13: :-!

09-11-2006, 02:27 PM
Nice work bro. Congrats.

09-11-2006, 03:39 PM
Marv try the vids on my Myspace:

I believe Myspace automatically converts videos to Flash format. Send me an add if you aren't already on there.

09-11-2006, 03:41 PM
add me

09-11-2006, 03:50 PM
Red JT Pants are agg, but camo XSV pants are way agger. I'm gonna agg my mask up at MAO. Then I > You.

09-11-2006, 04:09 PM
your mask is sweet.
rising sun strap ftw

ill watch the vids in a bit.

09-11-2006, 04:38 PM
saints straps are no longer limited.... :dodgy: who saw that coming?

09-11-2006, 04:54 PM
sweet vids, but you need cooler pants

09-11-2006, 05:28 PM
we mowed pretty good. by the way in number 3 i didn't get shot i moved my gun liek that cause i bout hit him with it when i bunkered him plus erik was mowing that lane so he almost shot me(would have been a good shot if our camera man wasn't scared of a few hits)... in vid 4 that fat kid got hit by me and taylor at least 20 times and almost more cause he acted like he was going to play on and shoot erik(we won the tourney cause of the last game)