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09-09-2006, 06:59 PM
ok, i got bored and wondered how a closed bolt blowback would work. this is my half assed idea for the system that i probably wouldn't be able to do at all since it requires special milling, material adding to the inside of the body.
basically the center of the gun that normally would have a slot, would only have enough of a slot left for the bolt to open enough for a ball, with a light spring to push the bolt back closed, with a kind of sear on the bottom(with a groove for it to follow) the hammer would have a pin, and also a groove to follow. starting from the cocked position with the bolt closed, the hammer would go forward, past the bolt sear then firing, the hammer would then catch the sear with the pin and start going back into the cocked position. since the slot is only big enough for the bolt to go so far back, the sear would hit a kind of slope where the slot between the hammer and bolt and close, making the bolt go back into the closed position. the hammer continues to follow it's path back to the cocked position. here's my 100% not to scale little gif to kind of explain it
of course, i highly doubt it would work, i just thought more or less it would be kind of a neat thing to ponder
(i find my animation funny in that it appears to be shaking apart to peices

09-09-2006, 09:00 PM
Works very very similar to a cocker... The only diffrence is the fact of no front block or ram.

Intresting idea.... but it would have alot of flaws the first run through on it...

09-10-2006, 05:43 AM
i had an idea like this at the old forum that i scapped. your design would have a ton of wear on the body/second sear

09-10-2006, 06:03 AM
i know it would unless everything is engeneered perfectly. it's not something i'm planning on building, just one of those "i wonder how i could do that" things. the second sear would have an ultra light spring, so it won't damage the body too badly. if i had all the milling/al welding tools then i might try it. that center area is the problem though, since it involves adding material. unless it would be possible to make some type of insert that had the guides and everything like that that was attached to the rear block for side cocking guns

09-10-2006, 07:08 AM
i think mine involved use of the acs bolt since it has two parts....

09-10-2006, 07:25 AM
i was thinking that it would use a gutted ACS bolt, with a screw in the front to plug the hole, and have the secondary sear inside the slot where the pin normally would slide around.