View Full Version : Low pressure pilot + lots of extra on ebay

09-08-2006, 06:25 AM
Some of you may remember me from earlier this year when I was here asking questions about putting together this marker (though it was a different username that I cant remember). Well... The friend I was playing paintball with mostly moved away and I just havent had the time or the money this summer to get use out of this stuff so its just been sitting around. I need a new car so I trying to make some money selling it and some other things on ebay. The whole setup ran me over 700 dollars and has barely been used. I know I could probly get more of my money back splitting it up but id rather sell it as one lot and be done with it, so if anyone is interested check it out here
Thanks for looking and if you have any questions it would probly be better to ask them through ebay as I probly wont be checking back here much. and thanks to all they guys that gave me advice on building this thing, it works great.