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01-09-2006, 07:52 AM
Alrighty, finnally got my T1 I traded my cocker for. (props to PureEvil)

I cleaned 'er up, adjusted the LPR per manual specs, dry fired a bit and then put new batteries in the marker and my Reloader2. Dropped in some left over premiums and headed into the yard.

Shoots really nice, the marker was sitting right at about 300 fps out of the box. So I tried to send a string of paint out there. Does alright at first, but once I started getting up there in speed, I would get a chop. This is with the stock eyes on. Consistantly chopped at higher ROFs.

So, experienced T1 folks, is this an LPR adjustment I need to make? Is the T1 just out running the Reloader2? Will Lassie be able to find help for Timmy? Does BallerX really have an X on his head? Should I invest in a Jam Bolt, or similar product? Or are we thinking crappy paint?

...as always, any and help is greatly appreciated.

01-09-2006, 08:07 AM
1st thing I would do is check the eyes. Make sure that the little clear plastic tabs that are supposed to protect the eyes from paint and such are gone. Throw them away if they're in there because they get dirty and scratched up and makes the eyes useless. Next, check the eyes themselves to see if they're dirty. The eyes are ok, but VERY rudimentary. They aren't the best. Paint may be on there and fooling them into thinking there's something in the breach.

The LPR shouldn't have much to do with chops, at least mine never did. What you do is lower it until it leaks. Then raise it until it barely stops. Shoot the gun a few times, listening to make sure there still isn't a leak. Once you get to that point, turn it another quarter turn, and you're set.

Could be that you are outrunning the reloader 2 because it is a fast gun, but with the eyes - as rudimentary as they are, it shouldn't happen. You're sure they're chops and not barrel breaks? Stock barrel is excellent, but a kit is better for odd shaped paint (like you didn't know that already!)

I put a Jambolt in my T1 just for the added insurance. I never had any chops before the bolt, but just in case. The stock bolt is crap, just in case you didn't know. It does do some damage to paint from time to time. So that could possibly be the culprit.

My thoughts are that it could be:

1. Most likely, dirty eye lense or eyes.
2. Outrunning the Reloader (possibly, not likely)
3. BAD paint.
4. If not actually chops, then bad paint to barrel match.
5. Bolt is chewing up the paint.

Only thing I can say is try the LPR thing I told you about, and check your eyes then let me know and we can go from there.

01-09-2006, 08:38 AM
Well, I cleaned the eye cover thing, I didn't remove it, So I think thats a route I'll try first. I'm fairly certain I cleaned the eyes rather well, but I'll go ahead and double check. The eye covers then are just added protection for the eyes and not completely necessary?

I'm going to go ahead and claim these as actual chops, as I'm getting a lot of paint in the "breech" area. I check the paint with the teardrop barrel I had, and they seem to be a decent match. Well - they shouldn't be breaking there in any case.

I did have an interesting problem with the stock barrel though. The marker would fire, but the ball would just stop in mid barrel. The fit was very tight, so I'm sure that was the issue, but I just found it weird that the ball just stopped rather than breaking inside the barrel.

I'll give the eye thing a shot then Vike. Thanks for the input!

01-09-2006, 08:48 AM
No problem! The eye cover thing is more a pain than a convenience. They get glazed over and foggy looking and make the eyes worthless. I took mine off and it was a BIG difference. Now, when you do get a break or chop (should be rare) it'll trash the eyes because paint will get in there. But like I said, it hardly ever happened to me. I got more barrel breaks than anything.

Good luck!