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08-18-2006, 09:21 PM
Alright guys i got my electra last month, i have shoot around 4k paint with it at the field and at my backyard. But while shooting i have a couple really annoying problems with the electra.

my setup: stock electra, smart parts progressive 14in barrel,20OZ CO2, 68cu 4500PSI compressed air tank , Halo B w/ V35 Victory board.

-the first problem is that it chop.. a lot. Even after geting the Halo B to load it faster the electra still chops, not nearly as much as before but it still chops. I even tried going back to the stock barrel and using different paint but it still chops onece in a while. it doesnt seem like it the barrel because it chops with both (the progressive more then the stock) and with high medium and low quality paint. Today i shot about 500 rounds and the electra choped twice. Im not sure if this is a high number, but with my older sonix pro , i shot over 5k ball and never choped .

-my next problem is that when i shoot the ball drops a lot (or curves down) at about 30-40 yards out or maybe less. this happens with both stock and progressive barrel (happens with stock more) and also happens with both CO2 and Compressed Air. i got it chromoed at 280 at the field and i had to turn the dial almost all the way out to get the speed down to that. I just bought a new evil regulator that should be coming in the mail soon so i hope that will help in some way , tell me what u think.

- my third problem is that sometimes while in semi mode my electra fires 2 balls at the same time, its does its when im shooting slower or when i first start shooting. im sure this has something to do with the balls choping or the curve, so someone please give me some ideas as too how i can solve this or if u have the some problem.

thanks guys, -Raf

Ps. any suggestions as too what upgrade i should get next after the reg

08-18-2006, 09:51 PM
First, did you break in the ACS bolt? It is really important, without breaking it in it doesn't function well. With the Electras rate of fire, a few chops are going to happen since it doesn't have vision.
Second, 40 yards might not be that bad. Your shots are going to drop off sometime. Make sure your 40 yards is true and test against other Spyders at the same velosity. Double ball fire could be a bad ball detent. It could skew your shots as well. Check em out and make sure they are clean and functioning.
Next I think you should get a feedneck!
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08-19-2006, 08:08 AM
alright thanks jimmy, i think it is less the 35 yard because when i was in the field i had my friend fire off a couple rounds and he said the same thing (the ball drops alot). i took the gun apart and cleaned out the ball dents ,they seem to be functioning but it still double feeds sometimes ( i guess i need a new feedneck). And with the ACS bold how do i break it in? do i just remove it and pull that spring back and forth ? thanks again man

08-19-2006, 08:46 AM
And with the ACS bold how do i break it in? do i just remove it and pull that spring back and forth ?

You can do that, do that about 800-1000 times and you should be all set.

08-21-2006, 05:46 PM
The easy way to break in your ACS is to fire off an tank with your swab down the feedneck.....or you can try this!

08-22-2006, 05:04 AM
To me your problem sounds like you PSI is too high. I had that exact same problem with my 06 Electra... exact same. And no one knew what was causing it, I was ready to send the gun back 2 months after it came out. Anyway, if you dont have a regulator, borrow one from a friend if you can to see if that solves your problem. Aim for around 500psi or so. Also, when it fires twice, does the solenoid click twice, or does the gun let air go twice. If the solenoid isnt firing twice, its definately that your psi is too high. Hope this helps!


08-22-2006, 05:35 AM
Matts' 06 Electra functions at alot less pressure than your '05. I have heard form many 06 Electra owners that they operate in the 500 psi range. Your 05 needs more like 800.

08-22-2006, 06:32 AM
This is a direct quote from an email from John at Spyders tech line. I was asking how the 06 could run at a lower pressure...

The internals of the marker is the same and all Spyder markers can operate reliably at about 500 psi without any modification if a regulator is added to it. We had to actually design the Spyder markers so that it would be able to operate with unregulated Co2. Because of the unstable nature of Co2 it can put out pressure that are low when the weather is cold and as high as 1000 plus psi on a hot day.

Using compressed air is the best and most consistent type of propellant you can use on a paintball marker but the tanks cost considerably more than a Co2 tank because of the built-in regulator and materials used for the tank. If you decide to upgrade to a compressed air system you should be able to reduce the operating pressure of the marker to about 350 psi without changing anything on the marker.

Email him with any questions. Hes the source.

Anyway, I still say its your psi being too high, just my experience talking. And a regulator is still a good idea regardless. Maybe its something more simple, who knows. Just let us know if you figure it out.


08-22-2006, 08:46 AM
The double firing sounds like a bad detent to me. One thing you might want to check is your paint to barrel match. That might be causing the paint to curve. Hope this helps a little.

Edit: Just read that your detents are ok. It could be from bounce. The force of the marker firing could cause the trigger to hit twice.