View Full Version : PS2 Leftovers

08-14-2006, 09:01 PM
OK, other than the MR2 in my other thread, I have a few PS2 games and accessaries that I need to go. I upgraded to the Xbox 360 and Game Stop wouldn't take them. All are in like-new condition. (pics will come soon I hope)

First is the Force feedback steering wheel....usable by most racing games. An electric wheel that actually gives resistance to turning for a more realistic feel.

Second...Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Game Stop won't take it because of the hidden sex scene in the game.

Third...Both of the Everquest Online games for PS2. They no longer have the free month of use that they came with but other than that they are in perfect condition.

All items will go to anyone who makes a reasonable offer. If you want them all, I suppose I can pay for the shipping. If not I will find out the cost to ship and we can go from there.