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08-02-2006, 09:13 PM
Lots of stuff to sell- if you want close ups of any of the items here, just PM or email me- I can email them to you. All shipped prices are US only- Canadians pm me for shipped prices. Prices are plus shipping unless stated otherwise- Please post and then pm or email me since this is up on multiple forums- that is the fairest way to decide who gets what.

On to the sale:


Tippmann A-5 in good condition (will include new face plate previous owner removed it)- $190 Shipped (US Only)


Tippmann A-5 in good condition (will include new face plate previous owner removed it) with standard A-5 hopper (**Ricochet in the photo is pending!)- $190 Shipped (US only) -Pending-


VL/Pro Team Maxis E/G- Gray Satin Finish- Electronic Blade Trigger- Regulator with gauge- Theaded vertical feed- Drop Forward- Lightweight, good balance- $100 Shipped


Tippmann 98 Custom- $85 Shipped (Pending)


Spyder TL-R- Vertical feed- Top cocking- w neoprene Barrel Sleeve- $80 Shipped


A- New .45 Dye Sticky- $9 -Sold-
B- Chrome Tippmann Sight rail- $10 Shipped
C- Black 12 Gram Adapter/changer- $17 -Pending-
D- Black Duck Bill- $5
E- A5 Drop Forward (works with the stock asa adapter that comes with the gun)- $20 shipped -Pending-
F- Black Hogue Style Sticky Grip- $12 shipped
G- Black Hogue Style Sticky Grip- $12 shipped


H- A-5/Pro Lite/Pro Carbine Threaded Smart Parts Progressive Barrel- $25 shipped
I- A-5/Pro Lite/Pro Carbine Threaded Thunderpig Barrel- $20 -SOLD-
J- Spyder Threaded Brass lined old school barrel- $17 shipped


A-5 Flatline- Like new! With Tippmann barrel cover- $70 shipped


A-5 Tapco CAR Stock 6 Position- Great shape- Lightweight and sturdy- $35 shipped (US)

08-02-2006, 09:13 PM

N- Tippmann 98Custom/Pro Response Trigger Kit- $55 -Pending-
O- Tippmann 98Custom/Pro Response Trigger Kit- $55 -Pending-
P- QEV- larger diameter line and fittings for response trigger or cyclone feed (A-5 or 98C/Pro)- $12 -Pending-


Q- NIB Smart Parts ASA on/off (screws onto tank pin valve or inline onto a male ASA)- includes rebuild kit- $20 shipped
R- Spyder Bolt- Adjustable- $12 shipped -Pending-
S- Quick Disconnect Set- $14 shipped -Pending-
T- 90 degree elbow 1/8npt- $2 -Sold-
U- 90 degree elbow 1/8npt- $3 shipped ($2 with anything else)
V- Purple 90 degree elbow 1/8npt- $3 shipped ($2 with anything else)
W- 90 degree elbow 1/8npt- $3 shipped ($2 with anything else)
X- 90 degree elbow 1/8npt- $3 shipped ($2 with anything else)
Y- A-5 Grip adapter- allows you to mount accessories that require inline holes (drop forwards, duck bills, etc)- $10 -Sold-
Z- Pure energy Regulator- Like new- $28 shipeed
AA- Karnivore regulator- -SOLD-


Pre-BE 9v revvy (Revolution) hopper with battery- good condition cosmetically and mechanically- $25 shipped


Tac-Cap? or similar for cyclone feed- fits over the cyclone- spring open cap- $10 shipped

08-02-2006, 09:18 PM

PMI Piranha STS G3- Rear cocking venturi bolt, very nice gun- quick field strip- could almost do it 1 handed! - $60 shipped


VL Triad- very, very good condition- like new! Great backup or loaner- $45 shipped


Dye Invision Thermal Lens-Clear- Like new! - $18 shipped


27 Belt Holster for paintball pistol (easily held a PT Enforcer)- $10 shipped


29- JT Whipper Goggle with new clear thermal lens and soft lower- $18 -Pending-


33 JT Flex7 IZE Goggle with smoke thermal lens (lens does not need replaced)- $32 shipped

Mech Warrior
08-03-2006, 05:15 AM
Pm'ing you about the brass-lined Spyder barrel...

08-16-2006, 06:55 AM
Prices updated- post updated with pendings and solds!