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08-02-2006, 01:18 PM
After consulting the handbook for LP spyders many times over (Ottersccustoms.com), I've decided that LP would be a good idea.


I want to keep the entire outside completely stock, that includes the regulator, barrel, feed neck, VA, everything. I want everyone at my field to know (think) I'm mowing them with a stock Spyder. I like the barrel. Plus, I think my spyder looks best stock.

I know a spring kit is a must, I've already have the 32 degrees kit ordered. I also know a higher flowing valve or modified stock valve is a good idea. Which valves should I be looking at? I don't want one that will cease working above xyzpsi, or one that will cost $50+. I could use some reccomendations, or I could modify, if someone would like to explain that proccess.

I'll keep the stock regulator, I got it to 300psi with no problems (besides velocity-spring kit). Should I drill out the VA? It seems like I shouldn't have to.

I'm not trying to get below 200psi, just that general area. What does everyone think? Could I do it? Should I do it?

08-02-2006, 08:17 PM
Rocket Valve or magnaport...but the rocket's max psi is 400 or so. It's an excellent valve and highly recommend it.
Drilling the VA is more important than you think. Enlarge the holes (where the reg screws in) to twice their natural size... or add 2 more in the shape of a "+" . On my Xtra, I completely removed the floor and it works asweome(ly?).

well...if you put a good in-line reg on it, buy someone's old gas-through grip and cut the top threading off. Mount 4 allen screws around the top to hold it in place around the reg.

Sand the trigger hump or better yet, replace it all together. A Sweetspot or Shocktech trigger...both are nice.

Trigger microswitch should be replaced with a 50 or 100 gram version (or lightened if you can do it).

TBoard - won't be seen unless you run eyes and covers.

Barrel - anything with the smallest porting avail...like a J&J Ceramic or similar.