View Full Version : I'm in quite a predicament

07-28-2006, 02:04 PM
Well not a bad one. I need all the "intelligent life" of the Spyder forum to help make my decision.
Anyways Im stuck between buying two different things. I usually take out a sum of money from my summer job for paintball. Im currently rocking a CCM Ninjatized Series 5, and theyre quite plain but extremely high-quality and light.
Heres my two choices.

Blue/Black Fade Freeflow Cocker Body w/ fixings & free Freeflow Bolt
Price: 150USD
It's beautiful I know.
On the other hand however, I have this pimped spyder:
No pictures as of yet. Have to get the guy to contact me back.
-Maddmann rocket valve
-Maddmann spring kit
-Maddmann rebuild kit
-Fenix ACS trigger and E-frame (20BPS)
-stock mechanical frame
-Quiet riot 14 inch barrel (Black)
-25 gram T-switch
-Check it sweetspot trigger
-20 mm red dot site
-Stock barrel, feed neck, lube ect. included

It's a really toughy for me, but any advice would be appreciated except from Chubbs of course.
Thanks in advance.