View Full Version : WTB 98 upgrades

07-27-2006, 06:53 PM
Hey all,
I have been informed by my buddy that he is selling his 98custom for dirt cheap and I saw an opportunity to make myself a sniper rifle, even though i aint too big a fan of tippmann. I now have the money to do this and luckily, i can call it my 18 Bday gift to me. lol.

What i need:

Stock: preferrably adjustable
Boomstick: Preferrably 12-16 inch.
Remote line:
Offset sight rail:

I would also consider buying the shroud that makes the gun look more like a sniper rifle.

Other things i need:

Freak back for a minimag:
Drop forward for a minimag:
boomstick for minimag:
Ideas on how to make the above sniper rifle even better:

I am not hoping to spend alot of money on this, but the items i have listed above shouldnt cost too much to obtain.

My feedback is in sig. I would like to ask that if i have more feedback than you that you ship first. And i am willing to send money first to anyone with more feedback than me.