View Full Version : Oring kits for DM4/5/C and 05 proto

07-27-2006, 02:17 PM
I got oring kits for DM 4/5/C and '05 protos, They can also be used with dm6's and '06 protos though some of the sizes are missing, such as 017 and 011.

The kits includes:
15-006 orings
15-009 orings
15-010 orings
15-012 orings
15-013 orings
15-014 orings
15-015 orings
15-020 orings
15-111 orings
Plano box
Scale oring chart for sizes 004-015, to make it easy to find the size oring needed to be replaced.


Price is only $18.00 shipped including paypal fees and shipping. For an extra $7.00 I will double your order, giving you 30 of each oring! More then enough to last you the life of your gun. All orings are the exact specs of the stock ones, including hardness level. Compare it to the mini repair kit dye puts out, you only get 4 orings of select size, my kit you get 15, or 30, of every size for a cheaper price.