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07-25-2006, 05:33 AM
So my parents now live in Nirobi Kenya and will be for the next 15 years (or whenever my dad retires) My wife and I have the first grandkid and my mom is kinda sad to be out of the country and miss his growing up. When we were first missionaries in Liberia (before civil war made us evacuate) we would not hear from people much at all. Mail sometime took upto 4 months to get there (83-89) and talking on a phone was not a real option. This leads to the invention I am talking about.

SKYPE If you have it you know if you don't get it. My parents and us can video chat with each other for FREE!!! My parents can CALL the my cell phone, house phone etc. for $.02 a min. That is cheap if you have ever had to make an international call. Since I am gathering many people on this board are military or have some military background this is a great invention for you to call loved ones or friends over seas for cheap. Look into it and you will love it. www.skype.com :D

07-25-2006, 05:46 AM
Yeah, I have it and mentioned it a few months ago to these yahoos...if you look in your profile settings, you'll see there's an area to put your skype address in there.

I like it, but not too many people seem to want it for some reason.

07-25-2006, 05:50 AM
If I'm not mistaken, can't you do this for free in the net w/a webcam? -

07-25-2006, 08:45 AM
Yes you can...but since I am not always attached to my comp yet....my parents can call my cell phone anytime they want for 2 cents a min. vs. 30 cent a min.

Having the web cam is just a nice feature for my parents to see their first and only (so far, I plan to have more and I have younger siblings) grand child growing up and walking and crawling...you know all the good stuff.

Cool Stuff.