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07-24-2006, 12:02 PM
Ok, I know several of you are like myself and tired of seeing the "Which gun?" threads that constantly pop up. Yet, like myself, we don't like saying to do a search or research your own damn gun like we did every time one of these comes up.

So, I thought this would be a good thread to start. When people want to compare a gun to another, we'll have already had them listed here and we can just direct those newer people to this thread to research.

Ok, rules. If someone else has already reviewed a gun, do not add to the review. PM the author so they can add it to their list so we don't have 50 bazillion posts on the "DM5", for example. That person can upgrade their pros and cons themselves. First come, first serve!

I would prefer that you not add a review if you haven't owned or used the gun extensively. This is a facts-type thread, although you can add a personal opinion of the gun at the end of your post.

Do not write a review on the offspring of a gun that has already been reviewed. For example, if a person has written about the Ion, don't write about the "Dynasty Ion." The only difference is the body and maybe the trigger.

If this works, I'll see what I can do to get it stickied so that maybe we can stop the "Which gun is better?" threads!

07-24-2006, 12:03 PM
I'll start:

Smart Parts Shocker SFT (2003-2006) Includes private label versions since all shoot the same, but look different.

Pros: Light, fast out of the box, vision capable, extremely upgradeable. Comes with Nerve board stock. Will come with All American barrel or Freak barrel with .689 insert. Stock trigger is excellent, but can be upgraded. Newer versions are coming out with the HE (high efficiency) bolt, VA with guage, and clamping feedneck (q lock). Has come down in price drastically. Maxflo reg, when working, is one of the best regs in the market. Smart Parts customer service is excellent if you ever should have a problem, but most problems tend to be user error.

Cons: It's a bit more difficult and time consuming to clean and lube - I do it in front of the television and it takes about 30 minutes. It's a bit of a gas hog, so needs a new bolt kit. Versions prior to 2006 need some kind of clamping feedneck. The ASA is a bit contrary, and is a favorite to be replaced. Anno tends to wear off from handling and sun on the stock bodied models. Some people complain their Maxflo reg doesn't work well, but I wonder if they are just complainers or if they actually have had problems, since I never have.

Personal Opinion: I've had this gun since January of 2004 and it has been a workhorse. It's my primary gun, and I have no plans on changing that soon. It's light, it's fast, it's accurate (with paint matching and practice) and it just looks good out on the field. You get a lot of ooohs and aaahs from the newer players, which feels good, but you have to put up with a lot of "Well, of course he got me out. He's shooting a Shocker, for crying out loud!" in reference to ability. Since it's extremely upgradeable (although by no means necessary to upgrade) it's easy to personalize the gun to your own specifications. It's just plain ol' fun to play with!

07-24-2006, 12:18 PM
Dragun T1

Pros: This is a spring assisted electro pneumatic gun that's had many incarnations (Odyssey, Wrath, etc.) A ram is blown forward by a Humphrey solenoid and a spring returns it to it's original position. Low pressure, comes with regulator and board that is capable of higher rates of speed. With an unlocking "mode" you can get several different modes of fire, from Nitro to burst, all with a max speed of 30 bps. The milling is superb, reminding many people of an Intimidator. Comes in several different fades. It is top cocking, so it's easy to remove the bolt if need be to clean. Comes with a rudimentary eye to stop chopping. The stock barrel is one of the best barrels on the market, very smooth bore, a bit larger than normal so most paint will fit. It's also Spyder threaded so you can get a variety of barrels if you wish. The VA is the highest flowing vertical adapter on the market. There's no restriction whatsoever.

Cons: This gun has been discontinued so the only way you can get it is through second hand. While the gun is very capable, it won't shoot as fast without some upgrading. A new regulator is important for faster recharge, but if you get the regulator, you have to buy a new ASA since the hose that Dragun used was some kind of weird size. Some people complained of leaks through the front block, but it's easily fixed with teflon. The LPR, while decent and uses a tire valve in it, is also needed for maximum ability. To get the LPR, you need to either modify or get an LPR adapter, which is cheap or easy to make. It's a bit heavier than the newer mid level guns, and has a bit of kick, since it's not as low pressure as those newer guns. Upgrades are limited to bolts, boards (you can only get a T board at the momen for it) regulators, lpr's, feednecks and asa's. A feedneck is extremly important as the one provided is not a clamping style. Aftermarket grips are non-existant.

Personal Opinion: While heavier than the Ion and Promaster, it was really the beginning of the "mid level" gun rage. The Wrath was copied from it, by way of Odyssey who had their own version of the gun. All that's really changed is the body style and the solenoid types. However, the basic operation is the same. This was a great gun to break into tournaments with. It was solid, hardly ever broke down, and with upgrades, was definitely a competitor. It was also not very common - not everyone had it. Although it's discontinued, the One kit and Zip kits are available to make any spyder/clone blowback into a spring assisted EP gun.

07-24-2006, 12:45 PM
I was going to Review my cocker... but well i will leave that too people who known more about mech cockers... Since i have only ever owned a E2 cocker...

Raven Primal

Pros: The marker is a great mid level starter... Although it was not widely distributed (kingmans asking price was WAY too much) it was a fairly decent marker. The strongest point of this marker would have to be the stock Reg. Once broken in the marker was hitting 271, 273, 270, 271 all within a 3+/- fps. The markers noid is stronger then Kingman thinks it is and the preasure on the LPR should be adjusted to make it reach its potential. Delrin bolt is stock, which is nice because there are not after market bolts out for it..

Cons: Kingman made some little mistakes right off the shelves with these... Orings need to be replaced on the Ram , and valve pin due to heavy resistance coming from them. Ventrui was installed in the bolt and can be removed if it is your personal preferance. LPR and HPR need to be adjusted horribly becasue the stock 100PSI doesnt work. Lasty the Eye covers and detents are plastic and use the normal Spyder detents (IMO horrible Detents).

Personal Opinion: When this marker is teched right (by me or someone else who knows better then kingman) it can be a real paint sprayer... I had mine upped as possible and shooting a consistant 18 bps ramp (T-board with ramping chip)
LPR: 120 psi
HPR: 225 psi @ 280 fps

If you have any questions about this marker i assure you i can help you...

07-24-2006, 01:15 PM
ummm is this a review about the guns we own?if so then ill review my pilot acs.

PROS:the pilot acs is a pretty acurate gun for its stock barrel.And a big + for the pilot acs is it includes the a.c.s,wich means anti chop....crap whats the last one stand for,oh well.but that is a must have for a spyder without the acs bolt in it.and for all you semi,3 shot,6 shot,full auto freaks then this gun has it all.hmmmm well those are my pros on the pilot acs.

CONS:hmmm were to start.the very first thing that i wasnt to happy about was its stock plastic feedneck.once u get this gun a new feedneck is a MUST!!!!!.second,the grips are pretty uncomfortable.i reccomend dye stickies for new grips.third and finally,to many stuff comes loose.such as the jumper.it does not wanna stay on those pins.so make sure u have that jumper on all the way on those pins.

PERSONAL OPINON: overall this is a great gun for noobs,er uh i mean beginners.this gun has it all for a gun like this.and cleaning/lubing/oiling this gun is a snap only takes about 10 minutes for me.i really love this gun and my friends all want the gun,and like i said this gun is a must have for any beginners.

so ya theres my review.

07-24-2006, 05:03 PM
I've been wanting to do a non-pbreview.com review of my Electra 06, here goes nothing...

Spyder Electra with Eyes

PROS:The Spyder Electra with Eyes is Kingman's attempt at creating a marker with eyes under the Spyder name. The marker is solid, like any other Spyder. It is also a no brainer to quick-strip the bolt and striker. The color is an amazingly attractive gunmetal grey. The feedneck is the twist-clamping kind, alright for a stock part and will be seen on future Spyders. (VS...?) The regulator (by my noticing) is decent, and runs at a nice 500psi. I have been running with a CO2 tank that was NOT anti-siphoned, and I have yet to freeze up my marker, even with constant rapid firing. The eyes are what make this Spyder special from all the others, and they are break-beam. A small drop foward is mounted on the trigger frame. The trigger the all infamous rocking trigger, with imitation Dye stickies. The firing modes are semi, and full auto.

CONS:Like any marker, the Electra 06 is not perfect. The electronic trigger frame slowly drains batterys, a most annoying trait. This problem is still being looked into. Another con, is that there are only two modes of fire fire, full auto and semi. The eyes only work in semi. This can be fixed with the new SD verC aftermarket board that will be avalible in August.

PERSONAL OPINION:This is my baby. I treasure my Electra 06, affectionatly nicknamed Carmen (lol). It always gets questioned about at the feild, and the cocker and Angel fellas are impressed by it's firepower. I like to think that this is Kingman's first in the line of some very impressing markers to come. I have taken on Ions, cockers, mags, all with very good results on my part. This is definatly one marker to consider. I might Spimmy it some day, but for now, Carmen stays stock, cause it sure looks good.