View Full Version : NDZ EQ bolt for ACS.

07-22-2006, 07:23 PM
ok i ran into some issues putting this bolt in my marker.

of course i used the top cocking version. Has anyone else used this bolt and had problems? when i installed mine i cocked it and cycled it a few times without C02. it worked fine so i hooked up the cylinder and fired a few shots. it worked fine, so i tried to take it apart to re oil the rings and such to play tomorrow. The thing was jammed. It allows more foreward travel than the normal acs bolt so the cocking knob was able to slam into the front of the slot bending the aluminum and making a lip that was digging into the bolt, making it difficult to get out and of course scarring the bolt.

so as a solution i got out the dremmil and milled out the slot untill the cocking knob was no longer able to make contact, sanded and polished the lip, i hope i got it well enough. and im field testing it tomorrow. we'll see how it works, anyways be wary of this bolt. their high flow valve worked great but their bolt may have irreparibly damaged my gun. i gotta write them and see what they say about it.

07-22-2006, 07:51 PM
I don't get it......so you put both bolts side by side and the ND version has holes in different locations compared to stock? If you contact ND, call them. Dave and Tony will make right whatever seemed to go wrong. They have great customer service -

07-23-2006, 04:31 PM
yeah i sent an email to both of them, but i didnt see any phone numbers to call. maybe i missed, anyway hopefully the customer service is as good as you say and they write back soon.

but yeah i did take it to the field to play. the cocking pin doesnt appear to be making contact anymore since i milled out the slot and made it longer. apparently i missed some of the lip though when i tried to sand it down. it still scratching up the bolt. but it didnt seem to effect operation of the gun. And i had it shooting pretty fast, i cant say how many bps exactly but it was trigger bouncing ( i gotta adjust that later) so it was pretty quick. faster than the 13bps it does in full auto anyway.

il give em one thing though, i like the products if they can help me get my gun right again. Only internal mods i have are their valve and eq bolt. and a shocktech shim kit for that spring that rides against the back cap. According to the chrono, 360+ fps velocity. absolutely no accuracy at that speed but that thing is sick compared to stock.

i think if they cant help me il just find a machine shop and have them extend the slot a little further just to be on the safe side, and then polish up the tubes for me to make sure that burr is gone. i dont have an attachment for the dremmil that can reach that far in the tube.

07-23-2006, 10:24 PM
Meh, I've never tried a New Designz Bolt because I've heard they really aren't good.... If I were you I would stick with Shocktech or Bandit (From what I hear Bandit is THE best) and if the bolt dosen't fit correctly (Bolt installation is supposed to be insanely easy of course so if it dosen't go in right the first time..... well you know) Goodluck either way!

07-24-2006, 01:49 AM
yeah installation was as easy as taking the normal bolt out and slipping the new one back in its place. Problem was i didnt notice the cocking knob placement on this one was forward, not by much at all. It wasnt untill i hooked up air to it that it started hitting the front of the slot.

anyways, yeah im probly trying somebody elses bolt, i was thinking about bandit or shocktech, or maybe even orange. but first i gotta get the top tube repaired so it isnt tearing up any bolt i put in it.

if anybody has any ideas how to get that cocking knob slot sanded down and polished so i can safely put another bolt in this body let me know. but for now i gotta get ready for work.

07-28-2006, 04:03 PM
well its been almost a week and still havent heard from Dave or Tony. I'm gettin tired of waitin on them so no more new designz products for me. wether the product is good or not i get pissed when i get blown off when i got a legitimate problem with a product. Anywho, yeah i wish i had a digital camera so yall could see what im about to do to the body of this marker so i can fix the problem. just bought some new cutting and polishing tools for the dremill.

its okay though cuz this is fixin to be a backup gun. im getting a compressed air tank this weekend probly. and an ion in a few weeks. Shes gonna be lighter than she was before though. hee hee hee.