View Full Version : impulse w/ups, egg2, dye invision

07-20-2006, 12:15 PM
UP for sale, black 2004 impulse(nonvision)

-evil valve(installed)
-evil respirator(installed
-clamping feedneck (stock)
-cricket board (stock)
-gas through grip (stock)
-stock valve
-stock front end reg (broke)
-stock volumizer cap
-stock tapeworm
- no barrel or macroline
-valve needs o-rings

price is $125 OBO buyer pays for shipping

evlution II hopper
-great condition, used a couple of times
-small, less than dime sized cracks on feedneck

$35 OBO buyer pays for shipping

dye invision googles
-also in very good condition
-will probably need a new lens
-some paint stuck in the well of the lens (where the lens fits into the frame)

$25 OBO buyer pays for shipping

-I will not ship first
-pics are available upon request (through e-mail)
-I will not ship first
-Prices are OBO
-I only accept money orders, nothing else
-If you need to check out my feedback, I have some on paintball forum, will give you a link if you need it.
-If you don't like my prices, send me a pm, don't post it on here
-contact me through pm's or (more reliably) e-mails (hurdlebeast@hotmail.com)

I am looking for a higher end spyder or spyder clone, preferably a 99 avant or an electra, regulators are great, need to be able to run co2 through it. NO modded internals or bodies.
otherwise, i'm looking for a tippmann 98 custom with a flatline.