View Full Version : need help with rocking trigger

07-17-2006, 01:36 PM
will a rocking trigger frame fit on an mr2
i dont see why not but heck what do i know:D

07-17-2006, 02:21 PM
yes it will ... but ... why not just keep the regular e-frame thats already on it ....

07-17-2006, 04:14 PM
because i like the feel of the rocking trigger and i am goning to give the original e frame to my friend with an mr1 as a b day present

07-17-2006, 04:20 PM
the last thing i got a friend for his birthday was a box of plastic forks (this was when we still played with legos, my uncle thought the trick up)

07-17-2006, 06:14 PM
hm so youre saying i should give him a lego inside a box of plastic forks and tell him to use it as a trigger frame?

07-17-2006, 07:18 PM
YES ... thats exactly what he wants you to do ... :dodgy:

07-18-2006, 07:34 AM
LOL....Claus is a flamer... ignor most of his comments....

Yes it will fit but i know that you would be much more satisfied with a T-boarded eframe, eyes with a lighter switch....

07-18-2006, 08:11 AM
from what i have heard a t board wont fit in an mr2 and i really dont want to drill for eyes cuz htat would void my warranty and arent eyes xpensive i really only have about 20$ right now

Hob Hayward
07-18-2006, 08:20 AM
Well the rocking frame is 100$....

07-18-2006, 08:34 AM
i know but i was gonna get an electra for my b day and just buy a new frame for it eventually