View Full Version : I used my Phantom today against tourney players

07-09-2006, 05:11 PM
Yay! It was the scariest and most alone thing I ever felt in my life, LOL!

Last night, my friend from Catalyst asked me if I wanted to go with the team down to Elk City to practice with them. I went and had a blast! First time I really played with those guys since I left the team, and it was cool we're all back on speaking terms. I actually got back all my bad habits I had in tournaments (yelling at the refs, cussing, etc...although I felt bad about it! :o )

Well, the last game I played, I decided to take the pump out and play. I had some semi player support so I figured I could work on getting angles and such. Unfortunately, one of the guy's guns chopped and he couldn't get his eyes shut off, so as the other team is moving up the field, I'm getting pinched in a hurry! So I start snapping them off.

I shot once, then popped back out again and shot another when I saw the guy checking his head. The ref called him clean, but I knew I'd hit him. Anyway, I ended up getting shot out making a stupid move across the middle of the field and the guy I'd thought I'd shot moved in and shot out the others two that were left on my team.

Just out of curiosity, I went over to check the guy that I'd thought I shot, and sure enough, there was a hit right in the middle of his visor with my paint on it. Of course, it was no big deal because he'd been called clean, but it made me feel pretty decent that I'd actually shot him with my pump before I was out.

I really had a blast playing today. The shocker was rocking, I was making my bunkers and playing lanes well and only got shot out twice. I actually got to thinking about playing tournament ball again, but I just don't really know. I wish my local field had more rec players so I could go out and play more rec and pump, but unfortunately, everyone is getting tournament fever around here.

If any of the Syndicate guys come on here, I had a blast today. Thanks for asking us to come down. And although I already did, I apologize for yelling like that - you know what I mean! LOL! Sometimes, old habits die hard.....:(

07-09-2006, 05:54 PM
The good thing about playing pump on an airball field is first of all, people think you're crazy and underestimate your presence there. They seem reluctant to realize 1 shot can take them out. Second, if you endure the game or not you humbly demand respect for going against all odds in the first place. If you do endure, players give you that t'sup look. If you endure and take a few out while you're at it(especially the last opposing player) you get that WOW! look. Makes you appreciate being crazy enough to go out there as the only pumper even more -

07-09-2006, 06:50 PM
Sound's like a fun day Vike! Yeah at first even with tourney player's they kinda underestimate ya and they'll stick there head's out too far thinking you won't pop out. Lot's of fun.

It's weird around here. One field I absolutely have to play pump cause it's all recballer's and the occasional wannabe tourney player that talk's the talk. It's a waste to even play semi.

My other field I don't even dare pull out the semi as it's strictly tourney and everybody there is trying to impress the owner (Smoke player) or the massive amount of D2, D3 team's there.

I think both type's are fun to play though.

I'm trying to convince my team to let me play with my sniper saturday at the CTS event but pretty sure it's a no go. I think it would be interesting though!


07-10-2006, 10:39 AM
I played3 on 3 with my pump & 2 of the other refs with their phantoms. We took on one guy with an ION, one with a 98c & one with a rental Victor. We won every game. I made it to the 50 in one game. I drew a lot of fire and ended up getting gogged after shooting about 30 times. but it was awsome to make it that far on the break!!. Only time I got shot out that day. Man it was one of the best pump days I ever had. We laugh because everybody is so freakin scared of the pumps.
Had to brag.

07-10-2006, 10:45 AM
thats cool vike...yeah im still looking to get a phantom, idk tho, do you think its worth it?

anything i should get on it if i get one?

07-10-2006, 02:48 PM
Great story. I love reading about pump vs. semi airball. God I need to get back out there and play again one of these days!

Hob Hayward
07-13-2006, 08:54 PM
All the pump talk makes me wanna get to a field so badly, I havn't had the chance to use my phantom at a field yet, only outlaw...

08-20-2006, 07:17 PM
thats cool vike...yeah im still looking to get a phantom, idk tho, do you think its worth it?

anything i should get on it if i get one?

same here. a while back i was looking at getting one, but for whatever reason, i didnt. and now, im lookin at pump again.

08-21-2006, 03:54 AM
Well, I haven't really played with it since that day, actually. However, there really isn't anything you need to get with one. Just decide on what config you want, then get hold of Otter...he's a great dealer in them!

I went with the VSC and a stock, but you can get a back bottle config as well.

It's worth the money, in my opinion!

10-30-2006, 10:39 PM
Well after a great regional SPPL experience and our team deciding not to go to finals.......our Team Captain went with another team out of So. Cal. Well Smart Parts beat Double Threat in the finals..........the two worst cheating teams in the leaue. The factory Smart Parts team had a player get shot in the lens and he continued to run 60 feet and shoot the opposing player that shot him out. Then he yelled to the ref and called himself and the other player out. Our team has made a concious decision to go out and play again next year.......but we will all be playing limited technology if not all pump and we are going to be playing against everyone else sporting the newest in technology. Well since our entire team is buying custom Pantom's we also became a dealer. Let me know if anyone want's CCI parts or markers and I can easily beat WEVO.