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07-07-2006, 03:54 AM
I was at the grocery store yesterday and saw 2 guys buying a loaf of cheap white bread and 4 tomatoes and they were expounding to each other what a great meal they were going to have. Seems I see quite a few of these type of people hanging around the city with shopping carts filled with miscellaneous things not having taken a bath for quite a while and wonder how they get this way? Some in fact look very normal -

It also seems like the gap between the high class and lower class is getting closer together. That is to say the middle class is getting squeezed out into either of those -

I also wonder if what seems to me an invasion of your privacy formed into drug tests, background checks, credit checks, criminal checks, driving record checks and all that may be putting more people in these situations than ever before. I also see people coming here from foreign lands taking jobs which their government never really had such records so they get jobs no matter if they have a shady past or not. So for some, being born and raised here is a hinderance lol -

I was looking for insurance when I got to Florida and was turned down by a few places. They said it was due to my driving records from Michigan. I'm like WTF are you talking about? I sent for the records and found that every accident claim that happened at the last 3 addresses I resided was put on those records. There was only 1 of mine and accident claims of my wife, sons and even my fathers were put into account. Well isn't that just ****in wonderful? I on the other hand had to prove that the others had nothing to do with me. I wonder how many other mistakes are on other records of mine? Come to think of it there was an error on my social security number. Some idiot made a 1 year error on my birth date. I suppose it was done when they changed my records over to computers. This made it tough to find a job since what I filled out on applications and what was reflected at the SS admin did not match. Like I was trying to falsify my birth date. Who'da ever thunk the SS admin could make a mistake? The SS office on the other hand said it had always been that way and since the computer records are so proficient that they finally caught it. What bull****! You mean that using my SS# for taxes & jobs for so many years have never been caught before? Anyways, I then needed to take time from my schedule and life to make it right again. Sitting in the SS office for litterally hours & hours 3 times before it was actually ironed out -

Well! All of this just got me thinking how these types of computer record keepings can actually ruin your life and put you out in the cold for no apparent reason of your own. Possibly even to the point of eating tomato sandwiches withn your bum friend lol. I haven't even touched on the horror stories I have read about identity theft. They say computers can only enhance our lives but the way I see it, they have only complicated our lives. I suppose there seems to be more good than bad IDK. They said computers wouldn't put people out of work but I see more and more jobs being phased out taken over by computer innovations. 1 for computers, 0 for humans -

What am I saying here? I have no frikin idea but I'll end the rant here and see what others say about my random rants here anyways lolerz - :p

07-07-2006, 04:06 AM
What you say is very true. The middle class is being squeezed on both sides. There are many people living above their means because that is the imiage (sp?) that want to portray to family, friends, and the neighbors. When a unexpected bill comes up they don't have the reserves to pay for them and they end up at the other end of the stick until they can get back ontop of things. As a realtor I am always looking into peoples credit history and it is unbelieveable what is in there and how such a small number can ruin someone's life.

If someone screwed up your SS# you may really want to get a credit report for yourself. You might find other things in there that you didn't know about. My little bro just turned 18 and my parents are leaving the country for 15 yrs so we added him to the safety deposit box incase of emergencys and they needed his SS# we gave it to them and they found out that someone in CA had tried 5 times to get a CC using his number. Cause of his age (and no credit history) they were declined and we were able to clean it up.

I guess what I am saying is once you turn 18 keep a real close eye on your credit report so you can get a home, get a CC, and get the best interest rates. I think annualcreditreport.com (please look on cnn.com before you sign up) is the only FREE credit report you can get. You are allowed 1 report from the 3 different agency that hold your life in their hands Free each year. Go over it and make sure that the only things on there are yours and yours alone.

Ok bye now.

07-07-2006, 04:41 AM
..........I think annualcreditreport.com (please look on cnn.com before you sign up) .........

Lost me there, you mention 2. Which one is it? - :confused:

07-07-2006, 05:06 AM
Lost me there, you mention 2. Which one is it? - :confused:

cnn.com That is the news website and they list which one is truely free. Some of these like freecreditreport.com will charge you for the credit report...so it is not free. I know that cnn.com did a whole story on this and they list which one is truely free. I really do think it is annualcreditreport.com though. Sorry for the confusion.

07-07-2006, 07:02 AM
Hey, got the free reports and of course, squeeky clean. Didn't pay extra for the credit score thingy. With reports like I just saw, who needs one? lol All I did was typed free credit report and clicked on the government URL and then typed in free credit report there and that took me to the right place -

07-07-2006, 07:44 AM
Well, my turn to whine. My wife and I have been married for 19 years. Her drivers license, credit cards, and everything else she has are in my last name. Thanks to the Patriot Act, my state cross referenced last names to social security numbers and found she had never changed her name with the SS Administration. No problem, head down to SS to get it changed. They won't even talk to us unless she can provide state picturre ID in the name they have on file. The state will not change the picture ID without a letter from SS stating she is who she says she is. SS will not even provide her with a SS card in her maiden name without picture ID. The state revoked her license. A birth certificate, her mother with picture I, and my testimony is not good enough for the SS office. The attorney has charged us $1100 so far and still no drivers license. We even got her picture and file from the US Navy and they will not accept it. You tell me why we deserve this......

07-07-2006, 07:58 AM
We've been waiting on my grandma's Social Security check for almost an entire year now. She died last October. First, they called us and sent us 700 dollars for something (I forget what now)..mom puts it in the bank and they call and say, "That was a mistake..we need it back." so she called and they said she didn't get any money after all..so she talked to some higher-ups and finally got things straightened out and they've been saying for the last 5-6 months that "It's in the mail."

Recon by Fire
07-08-2006, 05:58 PM
I have to disagree about the middle class being squeezed out by the lower and upper classes, based on reality! If anything today, we have more "middle class" Americans than ever before and there are more "millionaires" in our society today than ever before. So it must be the lower class that is shrinking in size, because we have more middle class and upper class citizens than ever! But of course the population is also higher too!

How do these unfortunates end up where they are? Many reasons; most notable is mental dficienies and drug/alcohol abuse. There are those who just plain choose not to work and those who fall down fininacially and just don't get up, but both of those are by far the minority. You will also find certain locales in the nation that suffer from poor work ethics. Florida is a most notable one too!

Come to NOLA, these sorts are about all that is left here... :(