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07-01-2006, 08:13 AM
ok im looking into a high flow bolt but im kinda hesitant to get rid of the Anti chop workings of the stock one. cuz i honestly still havent chopped a ball. But its too loud so i got to looking around and can only find 2 that seem to fit the marker.

New Designz Eq

Shocktech Super Fly

Any of you guys change out the bolts in yours and have any suggestions which one to go with. Also give me some other ones to look at, im sure other companies make a top cocking spider bolt but i just havent seen them yet.

07-01-2006, 09:04 AM
since you don't define "too loud," I'll take that to mean the report of the expanding gas...

By only changing the bolt, you will not reduce the noise level by any great significance.
In a HP marker (stock marker), get a barrel with more porting like a 32* Whisper, Quiet Riot or a J&J (dunno why the J&J works...has LESS porting...but it IS quieter).
In an LP set-up...the J&J is good...as well as any other 'lightly' ported barrel.
It's 'noisy-ness' is because of the expanding gas. There's not much you can legally do about it...except make it LP...

07-01-2006, 08:25 PM
im kinda going in the direction of LP anyway. i just put in a high flow valve from new designz. I have a decent smart parts progressive barrel which seemed to be quieter than the stock one, i dont know why though the stock one has way more porting. But yeah the bolt was gonna be my next upgrade anyway. So do you guys by chance have any suggestions on a bolt for this gun. im leaning towards the New designz one. il get around to the reg and assault block later i guess. i gotta get an aftermarket vert adapter block anyway i suppose cuz it's a male connector and all the regs ive seen are male also. i guess a spring upgrade kit is in order too. Any suggestions on those are welcome as well. And eventually il have to bite the bullet and get a compressed air/nitro tank.

oh yeah and by loud i meant stock sound loud. and i want to get it pretty quiet. ive been up against some low pressure setup guns that from a relatively short distance i couldnt even hear the gun, only the paintballs hitting around my bunker. I realize some guns aint ever gonna be that quiet but at least i can get it a little quieter. plus Lp is more efficient anyway so quieter or not im modding it towards that.

07-01-2006, 08:35 PM
well then, if you are going LP anyway just get a lightweight, high-flow bolt that HAS O-RINGS.
www.ottersccustoms.com (http://www.ottersccustoms.com)

go to Spyder Pages and then Project LP. In the article, are all the answers to your questions. No one else can lay it out like Otter has.

07-02-2006, 03:09 AM
I have the bandit and it works well for me. I have to admit that since I've gone LP and installed all the parts, I haven't had many chops at all. I've had some barrel breaks with cheap or bad balls but few actual breech chops. Combine a good hopper with a functional LP set-up and you'll be fine.


07-02-2006, 07:26 PM
cool, i might look into that one. the local shop had the new designz one that i kinda like too, you know if that ones any good?

yeah i started the lp quest with a high flow ned designz valve and some valve spring shims. i put the valve in and the fatest shim and cranked down the velocity adjustment just to see what would happen. now they didnt have the crono set up at the field today so i cant give any numbers but holy crap man, that thing shot alot faster. it was making the balls spin off in crazy directions, so i had to drop the velocity to keep my shots under control.

bottom line the valve performed good though i dont have other valves to test and compare. I did find out though that if you start doing this low pressure high flow component stuff with co2 and no regulator you go through gas much faster. or at least it seemed to go through the gas faster this time (with high flow valve) than it did last time (stock).

i didnt lose any orings this time and i shot much faster this time due to actually triying speedball for a change. maybe the guns starting to wear break in a little. But yeah im still a woods guy but i liked the speedball.

oh yeah one malfunction to look out for with the pilot acs. i dont know if this is a common flaw but the tournament lock jumper can come loose and fall off the leads. third speedball game i was gonna put it in 3 round burst just to play around, yeah i know only semi allowed but i wanted to play with the modes a little. anyways the friggin thing wouldnt switch out of semi. i thought something happened to my board. luckily when i took it apart thats all that had happened. the little red jumper was laying under my battery. anybody know any tricks to make that thing tighter so the vibrations of the gun dont shake it off again?

sorry that got so long, this post might end up like otters page. heck he can use the info if he wants. i forget what marker he did the project lp thing on but it was just one marker. maybe we can pool info on specific guns to make a project lp blog or something for specific guns. just a thought, but il keep you pilot acs guys posted on what i add and how well it works.