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06-10-2006, 06:02 PM
Ok, yes, this may be a bit of a post whoring thing, but I'm bored from cleaning carpets so I thought I'd just type a bit....oh well! Read it or not, I don't care. At least I'm not cleaning carpets! :D

I realize this is in the Vets forum, but it's all paintball related, so yeah. Feel free to add any little tidbits of personal paintball news you like to this thread....sort of a gossip newsletter thing. Who knows? It might work!


Today I was out at the field just standing around waiting for some older players to possibly show up (which none did, so no playing for me! :( ) but this group of kids came up to me and asked what they could do to get me to be their coach! They apparantly think I'm a pretty decent player! How cool is that?

Don't think I'm gonna do it, because I know their parents and the first time one of them got bunkered they'd be all over me like stink on poo. Also, in my experience, it'd be hard to get them to practice as much as they need to (they really need it! They're not so good....) But, maybe! I just think it's awesome someone thinks I'm good enough to teach them and train them...I just don't think I could handle staying on the sidelines during a tournament.


Oh, check this out! My youngest daughter found an oring on the floor in the living room and brought to me and TOLD me that she had found this "tank oring on the floor." It cracked me up because I thought she never paid any attention to stuff, and she knew what a tank oring was! And she was RIGHT!


Been using my phantom a lot - mainly shooting targets because no one is playing around here - but I've been using the 3.5 tank on it. I think I like it more than that 12 grams!

I was shooting at the target range with my Phantom today and there was a crack in the fence about 3 inches wide and about 40 feet away, so I thought I'd use that as my target. These guys were watching me and I put the first 5 right through the crack (I amazed myself actually!) The next two were right next to the crack and then the next two through the crack again. Those guys were oooing and ahhhhing like crazy - I overheard a couple of them say "good thing he's not playing today!" LOL! If they only knew how lucky those shots were....


Well, I'm coming out of tournament retirement for one more tournament. The TAP Indoor is next month and I talked my ex-teammate into playing it with me. Apparantly, the team isn't doing as much since I left - not even practicing or playing tournaments, although they've been working on this tournament they put on at our field last weekend. I think he's dying to play an awesome tournament.

It was an open tournament last year, but apparantly, it's just going to be a novice level tournament this year. Sucks - we played people like Oklahoma Impact, B-Unit (they won the Texas PSP division whatever this year!) Justice League, Karnage Factory from Missouri, and others last year, but it looks like they can't play this year...

So stay tuned for updates on how it goes!


"Of The Month" contests coming up in a week or two, so make sure you get some pictures for them. For those who don't know - we have these contests where you can post pics of your Spyder, your NON Spyder, and action pictures of you playing paintball.

That being said, I'm getting the new Slik trigger from NDZ for my Shocker, in the hopes that I can steadily maintain a higher rate of fire than 15 bps (so I don't have to ramp in this next tournament...ramping is capped at 15, but non ramping isn't capped - kind of weird, but oh well!) I also like the looks of the trigger, so we'll see what it looks like on the Shocker....

06-10-2006, 06:10 PM

I got my rear handed to me on my trip to Clarksville, TN to play other pump player's today. Mostly from the same guy. It's the phantom's man all you do is point in the general direction and shoot and it will gog your opponent. Gotta get another one soon...

I did better later on in the day but man it was hot down there!!

Lol they had one speedball field down there that all the bunker's were old Port-O-Pot's. Sound's weird but it was the funnest field to play on.

Pic's and vid will be up as soon as they get it up on scp.


Suppose to play tomorrow but I got sunburnt today and took three shot's up my arm (by one of my teammates) and the welt's blistered so they hurt pretty bad right now...


Still looking for a good deal on a semi but not in a rush to get anything....


06-10-2006, 06:41 PM
Play in a torney today and truely my team and I got our stuff handed too us..... Being the more experiance player on the team when i have a bad day... well we have a bad day =( finished last becasue i couldnt get my act together... Had three games won but i either A. forgot to turn my halo on B. Shot my self in my own foot (i felt absolutly stupid) c. or i forgot to get a refill on air (I did a run through and would have shot all 3 players IF i had air, but i ended up shooting the first one out then bunkering there back and in an attempt to light him up all i did was get balls to bounce off his back at about 75 FPS...)

I felt like i was playing like a noob.

06-10-2006, 07:09 PM
Played in a scenario at my local field today. Missed out on the first mission because my b2k was acting up. Ended up having to use a friends gun instead for the rest of the day. Other than that, it was a great time with great people. Met a few new guys who were really cool and it seemed like everybody at the field had a great time.

06-10-2006, 07:38 PM
hey vike thats cool about being offered to be a coach!!

ummm well nothing really bad happend to me today...but something really good did happen to me

for all of you..im kinda new here, and i play alot of basketball. Im now a sophmore now that the summers here im playing in 2 varsity summer basketball leagues, and we have an all star guard, who is being scouted by alot of people, today a university of delaware scout talked to the guard, about comming to visit the university. After they were done talking, the guard came up to me and said the scout commented on how well i played today!

IDK its really neat for me, its always been my dream to play basketball in college and and the pros <--(doubt thats gonna happen)

06-11-2006, 10:50 AM
I was suppossed to go play today at a team practice, especially since a team offered me a spot on their team and I get along with all the guys real well. Its the next step to getting onto the 7man team I want on, since some of the guys on that team also play with the team I've been invited to join. I wanted to play also to play with my new Shocker. Last night though, I was running around the pool at my friends house(yeah bad idea) and I jumped over the diving board instead of going around it and I landed on some bricks. Cut open my foot and its real tender, so its hard to run on it. Really bums me out since next week is a Top Gun tourney and I need to do well in it. I haven't played in months though. Hopefully I still do well.

06-11-2006, 10:57 AM
Holy mother when you said pool... i thought you were about to say you dropped your shocker in the pool LOL......

06-12-2006, 06:42 PM
I some how managed to back my bosses show car into a shelter house (concreate slab with a roof) after a car show he placed 2nd in, causeing the rear side-skirt to crack...luckly we are really good friends other wise i would probably be in some hospital right about now..however i have to buy somepaint so he can repaint what i messed up

Hob Hayward
06-12-2006, 07:04 PM
Holy mother when you said pool... i thought you were about to say you dropped your shocker in the pool LOL......

I havn't been able to play for two weeks now, last weekend it was all rain, this weekend my friend whos house we were all gonna play at announced that he had to study for final exmas all sunday. But he told us that on saturday, so our plans were shot, I have to wait till next weekend to play, probably next tuesday (end of school, yayayaya).
My bro got his new mongoose body (the 06 version comes with eye holes...) and after much trouble that made no sense, I got it runnin. The trouble was: the tube into the foregrip was leaky a bit, so I took off the tank and tightened it, all of a suden it decided to leak down the cupseal and out the volumizer... after about an hour of fiddling around with parts, I realized: teflon tape on volumizer and use my old valve/cupseal. That solved the problems, and when I shot it for a test which was kinda hard to do because he needs to get timmy detents for it and no local shop had any. Anyways the test which was angling the gun up to keep the balls in place was kinda weird, but man eyes frigin rock, I easily kept up a fire rate faster than the loader (halo tsa, claims to be 15 bps) though feeding at an angle was kinda weird for it, anyways, form what I saw, it was sick shottin ropes of paint, no chops and accurate.
A trinity VA is in the mail so that I can finally, hopefully get my imagine down to ~300-350 psi. My friends ordered some stuff aswell in the same order so we could get free shipping but frickin 3 of the 4 items we got are backordered, how stupid could it be?

06-13-2006, 12:42 PM
Held a beginners tourney at the field this weekend turn out was great 12 teams all of whom played great. I signed the team up for a tourney next weekend, It is a 5 man Xball looking forward to that.
My oldest daughter played in her first tourney awhile ago, they did decent but what is important is that she learned alot. She has been practicing all week with the wife, and I must say she is getting to be a good baller.
The wife has found herself a new gun, she and I will both have the one when I can get it at my shop, we have both sold our G7s and look forward to this new Angel.
Vike Good luck in your tourney man.