View Full Version : HPA Tank help

06-03-2006, 12:17 AM
hey all, i just wanted to say i've been usin a 12 oz Co2 for awhile and finally ordered a 48ci/3k Pure Energy Fixed tank cause its free with the field fee where i live. and was wondering how do u screw it in with the least leaks. do u do it fast after u lock it in or what...kinda worried cause i wanna try to keep this gun problem free till i get to understand it more. only had it a week and got HPA im that in love with it.

So to sum it up how do u put in HPA? i know its probably the same as Co2 but when i put mine in a lot of air blasts out before i get it sealed and was wonderin if u had any tips to prevent this. (sorry for the noob question)


06-03-2006, 01:13 AM
On a spyder, you are supposed to cock the bolt before adding air (or CO2) and dismount the bottle with the bolt back also. Unless you ran your tank completely dry, there's always going to be a few shots left in the marker so be wary.

edit...the addition of a "spyder" or "offset" holed on off will work for you too.