View Full Version : ACS bolt cocking pin

05-27-2006, 03:23 PM
My cocking pin broke off leaving the beveled bottom portion jammed in the bolt under the spring loaded ball. I had to disassemble the bolt, which is no easy chore. For anyone in a similiar situation, the only way to remove the slotted head screw that holds the spring loaded ball in (at the end of the bolt where the cocking pin snaps in) is to heat it up. I held it with a welding glove while inserting a rod through the hole that the hammer pin seats into. Then applied gas heat (plumbers torch) to the end. This softens the loc-tite on the threads enabling removal. A heat gun or hair dryer may also work. Finally before re-assembly I dremmel polished it to a mirror finish. It may have been a waste of time since I'm waiting for a Bandit Bolt but I'll have a working spare at least.