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Hob Hayward
05-27-2006, 01:54 PM
So my friend notices that another friend of mine's co2 tank's burst disc wasn't screwed on very far at all, it was also a 3k burst disc.

So, we decided to tighten it, it then decided to continuously leak out of the burst disk very slowly, we had no idea what could have done it, but tightening did not stop it from leaking, and turning it back out caused it leak faster...

So, we hooked up a remote to it and vented the entire tank, what sort of burst disc should be gotten for it, and what max pressure. Also, was it suposed to be where it was?

05-27-2006, 03:53 PM
Well on a co2 tank there's only one place the burst disk can go .. and that's on the side of the valve ....

There is no max pressure for the burst disk .. as long as it's a 3k burstdisk your fine ...

Im really not sure what to do to make it stop leaking though ... well teflon .. but not sure if thats a good idea ... wait for more reply's .. *cough*druid*cough* :p

05-27-2006, 05:36 PM
lmao...I seem to have ooglie as my one-man-cheering squad :yay: ....lmao

Go to the proshop and get 3k CO2 burst discs for a couple bux a piece. Walmart has them too but they are Brass Eagle pieces of junk (if yer in a pinch). Wrap 2 layers of teflon tape on the disc and thread it into the port the old one came out of.


older tanks used older 3 piece discs...the threaded plug, a nylon washer and a copper disc. Inspect the old burst disc and make sure all the pieces are out (if it's the older type) before adding the new disc.

New discs are "unified" meaning....the parts are all incorporated into the plug.

05-28-2006, 09:13 PM
hey i have a 3k burst disc, and a pic of it somewhere...
i've moved back home recently from college and i know it's somewhere there. i have no use for it so i'll sell it for cheap. lmk