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05-24-2006, 12:55 PM
ok.. my friend that said we should start a woodsball team has finally realized we have a very small amount of people and could not really sustain a very good team with such few numbers. he said we may have to become a speedball team(this is if we ever become a "team" of any sort). and well i like woodsball more than i like speedball, but all i want to do is paintball. i don't care if its woods or speed. just as long as i am playing im fine with it. and i need to know what kind of upgrades would be better to be able to do both very well. i was reading in the threads about the t-board and the ramping chip or something. from what i read the t-board is a board that lets you shoot faster and still has the fire modes. but what is the ramping thing all about? what is ramping? and i was looking into the qloader because i like the idea of a low profile but im not sure if i want to spend that much money for 100round clips. sure i love the idea and the bps it has, but i could get the halo b for like $100 and i'd still have a lot of shots and a high bps just not as high. any feedback with be very helpful.

05-24-2006, 02:43 PM
tboard doesnt have fire modes. if you install ramping chip on tboard then you get fire modes. i recently bought a tboard with eyes on my imagine and its working great. only reason i didnt get the ramping chip is because i never use 3 or full auto while im playing speed or just regular walk on. hope that helps.

05-24-2006, 03:00 PM
Ya, the t-board is a great addition to the imagine, especially due to the eyes (eyes detect if there's a ball in the breach or not) that can be installed on them. You can install eyes yourself but I would suggest a pro shop in doing that. Now I did a quick search for you in the Issue of Ramping, hope this helps
• Ramping (v)- A feature enabled in many aftermarket electronic marker 'mod boards' that functions as de-facto full-auto; while in ramping mode, pulling the trigger faster than a preset lower limit (typically 5 or more times a second) causes the marker to "ramp" to its maximum preset rate of fire, which can exceed 20 balls per second, or to fire as quickly as the hopper can supply balls to the breech. Many "ramp boards" also incorporate elaborate schemes to conceal this feature from tournament referees, including a simple "panic button" This panic mode is found mainly on cheating boards. The "Panic button" is a trigger press sequence to turn ramping off before a marker can be confiscated and tested, and randomized rate of fire to mask the fact that the trigger activity doesn't match the actual firing of paintballs. In response to the popularity of ramping (and the difficulty of catching violators), some organizations have abandoned a strict semi-auto-only policy and adopted a 15 ball-per-second cap in its place. This allows referees with sound-activated timers to monitor rate of fire during games.

Now as for a new hopper I personally go with the Halo B with rip drive, they never seem to fail in feeding your balls. I’ve also heard really good things about the View Loader Vlocity which seems just as good to me. Also if you haven’t already, switching from CO2 to either HPA or Nitro is a good choice as well, and maybe a regulator to go with that too, Ive heard nothing but good things about the Bob Long Torpedo regulator.

I hope this helps a little bit, I’m sure others will give you even better advise then me.


05-25-2006, 10:24 AM
thank you so much. and what is the difference from hpa and nitro? aren't they both just compressed air?

05-25-2006, 10:50 AM
yepp HPA and N2(nitro) are the same thing...just theres 2 things to call it....kinda like Markers and Guns, or Pods and Guppies...if u look online different sites use different words, but HPA is nitro

05-25-2006, 12:07 PM
hmmm never heard pods called guppies. but all i know is that is what i will call them from now on cause that is the coolest name for pods ever.
thanks again.