View Full Version : Trigger Adjustment. Need Tight-Loc?

05-23-2006, 02:47 PM
**I Mean't Loc-Tite, my bad**

Hey everyone, I obviously found the two screws for trigger adjustment, my questions are:

1-Do I need to put the LocTite on the top screw that goes up into the gun after I move the screw? I know the bottom on (on the trigger itself) has it, but I couldn't see any on the one on top, so I wasn't sure.

2-How much does LocTite go for and where can I find it? What type needs to be used for this application? I've heard you use "blue" but when I went onto LocTite's site, there are TONS of different adhesives and I had no idea what I'm looking for.



Bump again, I really need this information.