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05-14-2006, 12:01 PM
i have a spyder electra ACS 05 and im wondering what to get. a dye 1 piece ultra light, proto 1 piece barrel, or proto 2 piece berrel. i need to know what the difference in 1 piece or 2 piece is. i see a great price difference is and if there is nothing accualy different, then i want a 1 piece, so i need help. THANX.
If you have any more suggestions for me to help with my barrel i want a very very very quiet, good looking, and accurate barrel with a .687-.690 bore size.

05-14-2006, 07:56 PM
-The difference between one and 2 piece barrels, is that when you have a 2 piece barrel, you can usually buy different "backs" and different "front" pieces of the barrel, to match with your paint. For your case, you could buy either a single piece barrel, or a barrel kit (which would have different sized backs or inserts, depending on the kit you buy).
-If you were to buy a single barrel, what you could do is get some of the paint that your field uses, and if it fits perfectly in the barrel, meaning, when you put the paint in the barrel, it doesn't roll out, and it fits perfectly (only takes enough force such as you blowing down the barrel to push the paintball out of the barrel). You would only be able to do this, if you were looking at barrels in your shop or at your field, not online obviously.:rolleyes: The best fitting paint to barrel match size will be the fastest way to achieve better accuracy, and it will also make your gun a little quieter.
-Theres a few good barrel kits out there, some of the cheaper ones are the J&J edge kits which are about 75 bucks, and the empire kit which is about 60 bucks. Some of the better ones and a bit more expensive is the freak kit.
-If you decide to stick with the single barrel, remember dont buy it just b/c of its name, or price. The only way for the single barrel to work good for you, is to make sure your paint matches its bore, thats KEY. Some good single barrels are the J&J ceramic, custom products 1 piece, along with the smart parts tear drop and progressive barrels. Out of those, I'm sure you will find a decent one that matches with your paint well. (the barrels mentioned you will find for about 40 bucks each. I named some of the cheaper ones b/c I dont know how much you want to spend.)

Good luck and if you need any help you know where to come to!:D And hopefully this post makes sense b/c I'm typing it while I have a throbbing headache. :p

05-14-2006, 09:18 PM
wow...that dude was really helpfull 8-)

05-18-2006, 01:50 PM
about how much force are u thinking of
just like, when ur whistling, that much force? ill try it thanx
but which barrel would you suggest? id just like to know every1's favorites