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05-04-2006, 08:22 PM
Okay... my sniper isn't really going through menopause or anything. It's just evolving once again. If I dug really deep into my files, I could find the original picture of how it started out. I'm too lazy though so I'll just tell you.

Started out as an AIM-bodied sniper with some stock parts and a lot of factory WGP gear, plus an old 1-piece all-american barrel. The most impressive feature was the interchangeable feed (either stick feed or locking low-profile feedneck).

Here's the most recent picture I have of the marker in question. As you can see, at the time this picture was taken it had a stainless/black freek barrel, AM Stick feed, CCM pump, ANS reg, ANS trigger frame, Lapco drop/stock, etc...

Just to update you on what has changed since this picture was taken, I recently purchased a black aluminum freak back (lighter and prettier than the stainless) and traded my black 10" front for a red 12". I also changed out the reg cause ANS regs SUCK!!! I have an Air America reg on there now. Soooo much more consistent and reliable, and lower pressure.

Now for the changes currently on the horizon. I recently decided that I don't really care for the drop/stock on this particular marker. Don't get me wrong. I love shooting a marker with a stock (especially a Phantom) but I would much rather have an on/off ASA with this setup (and I really want it to fit in my aluminum hardshell gun case) so I'm selling the stock. I'll use the money to purchase a red/black CheckIt Unimount.

I'm also loosing the bolt out of this marker. I dont know what brand it is, but its got a free-flowing delrin front on an aluminum back. Works like a champ and flows smooth as silk for a nice low-pressure setup. The only problem is that I play in the deep south. As it gets hot around the middle of the day, the bolt starts to swell. It sticks and messes up my pump stroke, and there's no way to fix it but to put her down and use a backup until it cools down again. I'll sell the bolt for cheap and pick up an aluminum bolt. That way I can polish and mod the bolt and just oil it if it ever sticks.

I would also love to get a Doc's Machine flashpoint barrel tip for those rare occassions when I play mid/front when there's no need for a 12" barrel. If I feel like spending $30 on a 1" barrel tip, I might do it. Not likely though.

So thats my story. What do you think of my plans? I'll be sure to post a new pic (maybe even a video of the transformation) and a review of how I like the changes.

05-07-2006, 08:49 PM
Weird I coulda swore I posted on this yesterday. Anyway...

That thing is so nice but yeah I'm glad you got rid of that reg as I think that was what was giving you problem's most the time.

I'm sure whatever you do with it it's going to be a great shooter!

Believe it or not I've had held on to my sniper for four month's now! Hard to believe but there too nice to get rid of.