View Full Version : Lapco Drop/Stock, Cocker bolt, & Stainless cocker Freak Back For Sale/Trade

05-04-2006, 07:02 PM
My sniper is finally going through some necessary changes and is shedding some well-cared-for but slightly used parts for some new gear. I have removed the bolt and drop/stock in hopes to replace them.

The Drop/Stock is a Lapco, purchased from Wevo less than a year ago and kept in near-mint condition. No major knicks or scratches, no stickers or sticker residue. Just very minor wear&tear from normal use. I think I paid about $50 for it brand new. I'll let it go for $35 shipped OR trade it for a CheckIT Unimount (must be red body/black cage, NIB or LNIB)

I'm not sure the origin of the cocker bolt. It has a delrin front with no venturi and a cupped face. It has a twisted aluminum shaft and a knurled back. It has medium wear&tear (light scratching on the delrin). Its a beauty of a bolt... worked great in my sniper. I just like to change things up every once in a while so I figure I'll try something new. Since I can't really identify it, I'll let it go for $10 shipped or best offer OR trade it for any aftermarket aluminum cocker bolt (must be solid aluminum, no delrin, preferably black or red)

The Freak Back is stainless and cocker-threaded. Will fit any cocker-threaded body so its great for cockers, snipers, or ULE-bodied mags. I bought this one used about 2 years ago. It has seen a good bit of use and has some dings and scratches. It still works like a champ though, and from more than 5 feet away it looks great (just not that pretty up close). These things go for 60+ brand new. I'll let this one go for $30 shipped OR trade it for anything that strikes my fancy (must be of similar value and paintball-related)
**This item is JUST the freak back. Inserts and front NOT INCLUDED**

Here you can see my sniper, sporting the stainless freak back and Lapco Drop/Stock. You can also see the knurled back end of the unkown delrin bolt. Unfortunately this is the best picture I can dig up right now.

**NOTE: All items will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. Other shipping is available but any added expense will be added to the price of the item. I may offer a discount if you purchase more than one item. I'll ship your stuff once I receive your payment. For trades I would prefer not to ship first, but I may make an acception based on your feedback/reputation. Any questions... E-mail me or drop me a line here**.