View Full Version : Faux Paintball Business Plan...

04-25-2006, 08:17 AM
Well, for my Economics class, I'm supposed to make a business plan for a certain company, and my group and I decided on a Paintball/Airsoft Center, since the area we live in doesn't have any designated Paintball Fields, indoor and out.

I do have a basic business concept as follows:

Durham Paintball Center will be made to supply paintballers in the Triangle a place to play paintball and airsoft. Inside the center, we will have a Paintball Proshop as well as Certified Technicians and Airsmiths for any assitance that would be needed. There are no other shops or fields within 20 milse of the area, but that doesn't mean we will have high prices. We play not offer relatively low prices, but also a high quality area to play in. The necessary rules will be strict, but we will only place rules that are truly needed.

That's the jist of it, tell me what you think. And what you think would be important to include in a business plan. Later tonight, I will probably list the things that money would need to be spent on to start and move the business (amounts are necessary) and objectives and the like.