View Full Version : i want your PGP or other cheap pump!

04-24-2006, 06:16 PM
i want a cheap pump gun for those days where you shoot almost all your paint before 1:00 and dont feel like buying more. i also have some newb friends who play in the woods, and i dont feel the need to bring my trix and blast them away. a PGP would be ideal, or a PMI traccer or something, but i dont know how cheap they are going for these days. I dont want to spend alot of money, but i also dont want a plastic BE gun. i dont really care how beat up it is, as long as it is functional.

i am willing to trade *gasp* my beloved spyder. yes yes; my first gun EVER! i still have it after all these years and i am willing to trade it for that pump you never use! you could own a piece of history! colonel_moo's first gun! this could be worth some money someday people! :dodgy:

its a spyder compact deluxe thats been the subject to many home spyder mod attempts such as the PNEUMATIC TRIGGERED SPYDER ATTEMPT (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v117/Encrypted87/GAT002.jpg). this of course failed, but hey, i tried.

i put all the stock parts back on, and its now fully functional. its got an xtra trigger frame on there replacing that plastic piece of garbage that came stock. i also have an extra body if you dont like my custom milling for some reason. theres also an extra valve assembly in the extra body.

pics of what it looks like now!




all this for you cheap-o pump!

or if you dont like that i could always pay cash/paypal.

let me know if you have something. you can contact me through this forum or on AIM. if you dont know my screenname by now its ArmyOfOrr42 (yeah i gotta change that too).