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High Voltage
04-20-2006, 04:42 PM
alright, so i am new in the high end market, and i am probably going with an impulse, ive been hearing alot about high and low pressure....whats the difference? i mean are their high and low pressure markers...and what is the difference between high and low pressure air tanks...srry these are probably dumb questions...but im used to just gettin my spyder out, screwin in the co2,hopper,paint, and then playin.... ive never really got this technical

04-20-2006, 07:30 PM
high pressure tanks are for high pressure guns, and low pressure tanks are for low pressure guns :dodgy:

if only the world were that perfect. in reality, any gun will take a high pressure tank, except a few angels, and thats only if it has a stock reg, so you're pretty safe with buying one. low pressure tanks are nice because if for some reason your reg fails, you dont have a whole mess of orings to replace and more imporatantly, a blown solenoid. plus, it puts less stress on the HPR of your gun. however, you need a pretty big difference in operating pressures and tank output pressures to be consistent (generally, a 200 psi difference is considered the minimum), so LP tanks are only ideal for guns that operate at 250 psi or lower, (LP tanks are usually 450 psi), 200 psi or lower to be safe.

if i remember correctly, stock impulses run much than 200 psi (correct me if im wrong) so go for a high pressure tank.