View Full Version : 68/4500 Trade for 45/4500 HP Crossy

04-16-2006, 06:01 PM
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, what I have today is a 68/4500 High Pressure Crossfire tank FOR TRADE for a 45/4500 High Pressure Crossfire tank.

It has to be Crossfire, has to be in hydro date, 04 or newer, and it must be in a good condition. I do not want damaged tanks. I also need a tank cover for the 45/4500, if you don't have one, you will add $15

The condition of my tank is very good, it is always kept in a Dye 05 Rhino Tank cover. Pics will be up tomorrow! It will come with the cover......

1. You ship first, I have 2 pages of positive feedback. Feedback is in the sig.
2. I will inspect the tank to see any damage, if I see any, it will be shipped back to you!
3. It would benefit me if you post here first.