View Full Version : Victory 35 board question

04-16-2006, 04:46 AM
Got my victory 35 board for my halo not too long ago and was wondering if anyone knew how fast it actually feeds. I can tell it's a lot faster then the stock board but it claims it feeds at 35 bps. Thats like q-loader speed and I havn't seen anything as close as the q-loader. I've seen a ton of drop test videos but I want to know if anyone has any real data from tests.

04-16-2006, 10:52 AM
yes...the only true way to know what your hopper feeds at is to test it yourself. Put 100 paintballs in it and have a friend stand there with a stopwatch. Empty the hopper and record the time (drop test)...divide your numbers to get the bps.

then go to mounting in on the marker. If you have full auto, program it to fire in that mode and put 101 paintballs in it. Friend at the ready with the stopwatch...fire 1 single ball then go full auto for 2 seconds. count the remainder of the paint and subtract it from 100. Say there's 30 left in the hopper...that's 70 in 2 seconds...divided by 2=35bps would be your average.

Make sure you use new/freshly charged batteries to get an accurate flow.