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04-13-2006, 09:16 PM
So yeah Iam thinking of picking up a smart parts all american Freak front 16" barrell, and an Odyssey halo TSA led backman hopper, and Iam having to think on the Centerflag anti chop bolt because its 69 bones, and some evil brand paint. Basically the noob questions are is the barrel a good idea? and how about the anti chop bolt? and what would be a good co2 tank to go with, and what paint do you guys use that seems to run freindly in your Rodeo? so yeah theres that thanks fer your time and info I appreciate it :D

04-14-2006, 12:41 AM
... well all of your idea's seem good ... and a 20oz tank should be fine ...

04-14-2006, 02:22 AM
Liked my Halo backman as it held a few more balls than other hoppers, kept up Ok, see about a feedneck also for you gun, real crappy when that plastic one breaks

04-14-2006, 05:30 AM
yes a new barrel is a great choice. The size all depends how and where you will play. I have both a 16" and 14" tip for my Freak kit. Some of the woodsball fields i play on have a lot of underbrush and the longer barrel is a plus to push aside the brush, or to make it through the brush. But for most part I use the 14" As for the type of barrel, I am a little confused by what you are looking at. A freak barrel is a kit, meaning one back piece, one front piece and control bores. Are you looking for a kit or just a 16" All American barrel? Either is a good choice.

As for the hopper, I cant give you any info, don't have one or ever used a Halo backman. I have used a 12v Revolution (Revy) on my Rodeo and it was great, when I e-framed it I went to an Evolution (Eggy) and that also was a great hopper.

For the bolt... When I used my Rodeo without the e-frame I never chopped a single ball, however I also did not shoot super fast. I added the e-frame started to chop now and then so I did upgrade and got the Kingman ACS Delrin bolt.

Now on to other things... SparkyGT is 100% right on changing the feedneck out. Yours WILL break. Maybe not right away, but it will. Everyone of my friends had theirs break at some point, usually in a game. It is a somewhat cheap investment but well worth it, a gun with no hopper means a gun with no paint :)

C02... Get a 20oz tank that will give you about 800-1000 shots. If you are going to play for awhile and do not have a fill station near by, then get a back up tank. Before I switched to Compressed Air I had a 20oz on the gun and a backup 9oz. Again depends on where you are going to play.

Paint... Well one thing i can say here is you get what you pay for. If you buy cheap paint it is just that CHEAP paint. I use X-Ball Bronze or Silver and it is good quality paint, that is not too expensive $40-$50 per case. There have been a bunch of threads here about paint, just do a search and you can see lots of opinions on it.

OH and Welcome to the boards and please ask away. Also if you have not already done so, Go to our bible and read away. You will find many of your answers there.

The PB Bible (http://www.ottersccustoms.com/index.html)

Ok that was it for my .02 :)

04-14-2006, 02:35 PM
Sweet guys thanks for the info
as for the barell Iam talking about heres a link of it, I might be missing something but I figured you just slapped the barrel on to the front and you were good to go!?
yeah I forgot to mention that I was gonna go for an aluminum feedneck of some sort, and is there any specific brand of tank, me and my buds will be playing rec ball to start off but we'd like to get into some speedball after a while.
thanks for al the info guys

04-14-2006, 03:00 PM
OK what you have there is the front part of a kit barrel, that will only work if you also buy the back and the control bore. Here is a link from the same site for the full one piece AA barrel.

AA Barrel (http://www.xtremez.com/paintball/product_information.asp?number=BRSAA&variation=AC12&aitem=&mitem=&back=yes&dept=155)

as for a tank get a PMI C02 tank, it is a good quality C02 tank.


04-14-2006, 03:47 PM
oh ok I gottcha that seemed a bit to easy, thanks fer tellin me that would have sucked to buy the front and find out once I got it that it didnt fit due to needing the back.